Saturday, March 12, 2011

Casey's birthday!

March 12th ~ Casey's 28th birthday!

Today was a great day.

Casey and I got everyone up and out of the house to hit up a few garage sales. Most memorable purchase: 2 egg incubators for Michael's pre-school. Apparently they were just talking about Michael's upcoming unit for Spring and they discussed using an egg incubator. Fancy running across them at a garage sale! We are always sending things in for Michael to show the class. I wonder if they will actually do it! Casey is 100% sure they will!!

After a quick lunch at CiCi's, we ran into Target and I found the PERFECT onesie for Christopher to wear on St. Patrick's day. It was on clearance for $3.48! It has snoopy at the end of a rainbow and says "Lucky Dog". I was way too excited.

Then, thanks to our friend Melissa (and Kristen!), we left the boys and went horseback riding! We went about 20 miles out from Columbia to a stable in Ridgeway. The weather was PERFECT! We went on a 2 hr trail ride. Surprisingly, after about 3 other horseback riding experiences, this was the most INTENSE one yet! We were dodging trees and thorns and trotting and jumping over little creeks and steering our horses a LOT. Also, our trail guide fell off of her horse when it got spooked by oncoming riders who weren't paying attention. The horse was pretty upset the whole rest of the ride. Luckily, we were all able to calm our horses without anyone else falling off or getting hurt! Nothing like a little excitement! It certainly wasn't your typical 'easy' ride. Plus, they were very flexible and let you walk your horse back to the stable and hang around too. Definitely a different experience from more commercialized places. Casey and I had a great time! (we might be feeling it tomorrow!)

After dinner out, we got the kids and came home! Now I am up way too late and am already losing and hour due to "Springing forward". I am getting very excited about our photo shoot(s) next Saturday in Spartanburg! I am also excited that we are able to travel and see more family after what we went through in February.

Christopher ~ well, some days are GREAT and some are not so good. He has a cold now and it has hit him pretty hard. He has a follow-up appointment with the surgeon on Tuesday in which we are hoping to hear that he has gained weight. I get a little uneasy when he is occasionally throwing up again due to his cold!

Michael ~ Sweet as ever. I just love his growing personality :) He is always playing with Christopher and talking to him ~ even when he is crying. I love to see them play together!

Life is so good.