Tuesday, November 15, 2011

BIG changes for the Wiley family

First of all, congratulations to my hard working husband on his new position at the USC School of Medicine Greenville campus! This Friday will be his last day at USC Columbia. He will be moving in with family in Spartanburg to begin his new position on Monday.
I, on the the other hand, will be staying behind to complete the rest of this school year in Columbia. The kids will stay with me [so if you see me looking all frazzled, I'm just super busy on my own!]. We will be spend weekends cleaning and packing some things for a storage facility in Spartanburg so we can put the house up for sale as quickly as possible. In June, when school is out, the kids and I will come up to Spartanburg as well. Until then, pray that I can maintain my sanity!
I am extremely excited because next year I will be able to be a SAHM! Casey and I have prayed and prayed for an opportunity for me to stay home with the boys. After all we went through with Christopher earlier this year, I have wanted to stay home even more. Next year, I will finally get that opportunity! I will be staying home with the kids and doing a little bit of teaching private violin lessons. I am BEYOND excited! Praise God for opening this door in my life!
I have developed many very dear friendships in Columbia and will be leaving a fantastic church family that cared for us in the worst of circumstances. I will also greatly miss the 100+ students that smile in my class everyday. But God is in control of every moment and I am excited about the next chapter in our lives.
So watch out Spartanburg, here we come!
Stacy { <>< }

Monday, November 14, 2011


So it is obvious based on my posting #'s month by month that I am NOT posting enough on the blog. I will try to think of a clever way to post more often next year when I am a SAHM! More details to come soon :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"So what?"

Why is it so easy to let things make you grumpy?
"So what" if Casey is sick and sleeping in bed from 3:00 pm until tomorrow.
"So what" if Christopher is fussing for attention I can't give him immediately.
"So what" if I have to take the kids with me to orchestra practice (nursery) so that Casey can rest.
"So what" if I have to unload 2 kids to run into Staples, then Kroger, then church all within 1 hr.
"So what" if I'm late and frazzled to orchestra.
"So what" if Michael throws a fit when it's time for him to go into his class (and I'm running late).
"So what" if I have to do housework until late in the night.
Counteract those things with :
3 year old and 1 year old hugs, kisses, and smiles
Enjoying orchestra rehearsal
A much cleaner house
Instrumental hymns with a warm cat snuggled up in your lap
And * hopefully * a well rested hubby
and you begin to realize that you only thought you were having a rough evening.
Savoring the good moments!
Stacy { <>< }

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What life is made of...

When I got to school to pick the kids up, Michael was singing "Skidamarinky Dinky Dink" at the top of his lungs. The teachers were very impressed he even knew the words to the verse!
Michael insisted on helping me carry in 2 lunch boxes and 2 bowls because my hands were very full. I, of course, was smitten and promised him a treat for willingly being a good helper!
Michael played outside while I cooked dinner. I can't believe he is big enough to play outside by himself! He found lots of big sticks of course. (Don't worry, the yard is fenced in)
We haven't bought groceries in 6 or 7 weeks so it is slim pickings for dinner... but BOTH kids ate orange/ginger Tilapia!?!
Michael is loving his Halloween candy. Treats everyday! Christopher also had his 1st sucker last week. Then, he ate an entire tootsie roll sucker at a fall festival Sunday (we were holding him and needed him to behave). He is so cute sucking on a little sucker. Tonight, he smiled and giggled every time I looked at him sucking it! Of course, sucker = big mess = bath immediately after dinner!!!!
Christopher now knows where I store my slips. He'll go in my room, get a slip out, hold it to his cheek, and suck his thumb. I don't encourage this, but I do find it quite adorable. Especially when I turn around, he has slip, and he smiles a very big and cute smile. :) I think the only way to break this habit will be to move my slips to a different drawer.
The boys are so cute in the bathtub. Christopher, however, had an 'underwater' moment tonight. No tears, but Mommy was NOT happy! I used it as a teachable moment for Michael. I also got in some reading time while they played.
2 clean boys makes for a great cuddle time!
The boys and I cuddled up together to sing prayers before bed. Christopher clutched his lovey and sucked his thumb while Michael put his arm around me and sang with me. At the end, BOTH kids sang "amen". Melts my HEART every time! Christopher knows just when to say 'amen'. :)
Michael is singing "Skidamarinky Dinky Dink" as I write this. Playing with alphabet magnets and a hot wheels car. Talking to himself. Being adorable.
These are the moments I love. This is what life is made of!
Stacy { <>< }