Sunday, April 26, 2015

Back at it!

I miss blogging ~ I really do.

It seems our newest little lady joined us
and "Me Time" just disappeared.
We have adapted to our new normal quite well...
In church often
Homeschooling daily + Co-op
Teaching violin lessons
Laundry under control
Kids fed and dressed daily
Baby sleeping well
Cooking normal meals again
Trail Life, BSF, etc.

...but anything above and beyond that is nearly impossible!

(especially anything that involves
two hands and more than 2 minutes)
Together at Michael's pinewood derby
I am hopeful I can find some time
to get back to blogging again soon.

I know how much our family near and far enjoys it :)

And trust me... I have plenty to share!
Our daily life is like living in a comic strip!!!
<>< Stacy