Friday, October 19, 2012

Surprise weekend trip!

Last Friday, I won a free mini-session with our favorite photographer! 
The session was on Sunday, so I decided to make an
unexpected 2nd weekend trip up to Spartanburg.
At first, things were a little crazy with all the last minute packing,
picking out picture outfits, getting a dogsitter, leaving the house show ready,
loading the car again (pregnant), and covering all my other obligations...
but it was well worth it!
God must have known we needed another weekend of family fun together :)
We did some garage saling, relaxed at my parents' house,
ate yummy food (thanks Mommy and Daddy!),
had our mini photo session, went to Skytop to pick apples,
chilled out some more, and visited with some family.
First, here's a sneak peak of our pics (facebook quality...).
The kids totally did NOT cooperate or smile much...
but they are still super cute kids!
Family shot!
Christopher (2)

Michael (4)
I really can't wait to see the rest!
We took a few shots of the boys in aviator sunglasses
and one of Casey and me, too.
Aren't the colors gorgeous?
So here's how we spent the rest of our little surprise trip!

The boys getting ready for bed Friday:
Do they look tired to you ?????????????
They were excited about our sudden trip too!
Chowing down on a sprinkle donut!

Silly Boy!!

27 weeks!!!  Loving our relaxing weekend!
Picture day!
All smiles before the shoot.......

Enjoying a beautiful morning :)
All smiles after the shoot...
Looking at some seeds.

Michael made a particularly weird face for some of his pictures.
He knows it too!  He'll even do it for other people to see!
He keeps showing me the faces he intends
to make 'next time we see Miss Gena'.
Funny boy!

My 3 favorite boys!
 Thanks for loaning me the shirt, Steph!
 I love me some cute matching boys :)
 Love for Mommy!
I just LOVE them!
Feeling SO happy this weekend!
What a cheesy grin!
A quick lunch before Apple picking!
Okay - everyone knows my children are perfect (HaHaHaHa!)...
So I thought it would be okay to post this....

Casey: "Michael, say cheese."
Michael: "Daddy, take a picture of my bottom!" *giggles*
Mommy: seriously shocked
Where does he learn these things??

Ok, ok.  Enough giggling ;)
* Skytop *

My family has made a yearly trip to Skytop ever since I was little.
They are much, much busier these days!
The parking lot was overflowing, but there were plenty of apples to be picked :)
SO excited!

On our way!
 Michael was just THRILLED and Christopher enjoyed the unlimited snacking.
Michael climbed pretty high this year :)
 The rain held off!
I love, love, love their little overalls!!!!!!!!!!!
U-pick...Casey picked Michael

One happy Momma
Daddy climbs too
Yum, yum, yum!
27 weeks - am I really that far along ?? 
Kids do not smile for strangers

I wasn't joking about Christopher's unlimited snacking...

We got our loot!
Time to see the animals!
Ducks, Sheep, Goats, Peacocks, Chickens, Rabbits, oh my!
You could feed the animals, too!
Christopher was having so much fun that
he just kept giggling a happy little giggle!
It was just precious!

One happy Momma again :)
Running around in the bamboo forest!

One of the reasons Michael was so excited to go Apple picking
was because we did Apple pre-school activities leading up to our trip.
He keeps referring to the 'skin, flesh, core, stem, and seeds'
and loves to see the parts of the apples.
So after we saw and/or picked:
Arkansas BLACK
GREEN Granny Smith and
RED Apples,
Michael said the day would be just perfect
if we could pick a GOLDEN apple.
(I have no idea why - one of our songs referenced Golden apples)
So leave it to Daddy to climb the barren trees...
and find the last few GOLDEN apples.
Michael said, "We solved the problem!"
He was SO happy about those Golden apples.

"I think I see a Golden apple!"
Daddy solved the problem!
Napping in the heights of the golden apple tree.
Now onto the playground....
Sitting still for a moment!?!
Cute together
Sliding down to Daddy
Again, kids don't smile for weird looking strangers.
Just one more slide, PLEASE?????
Knocked OUT on the way back to Grandma's house!!!!!
and a little more fun...
Michael -- Christopher is NOT your pet!
Chocolate ice cream - thanks Grandpa!
And my favorite little smiles :)
Michael looks like a mini-ME!    and he snapped this picture of my belly.

Love, love, love!
Like I said,
God must have known we needed this surprise weekend trip!
It was just perfect!
Even though this weekend will be 'back to the grind'
(especially since Casey hasn't been here in 3 weeks)
the workload might feel a little lighter.
Happy Fall Weekend everyone! 
Enjoy your spouse, kids, family, friends, and give God the glory!
<>< Stacy
Yes, I took lots of pictures of me smiling...
because it felt so good to see my family together and
just plain happy!