Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Well, we are just waiting for Elizabeth now ~
and she is taking her good, sweet time!
And the weather is crazy warm here!
Friday - walked a lot
Saturday - walked a lot
Sunday - my due date!
Went to church and played violin in orchestra.
also - ate spicy, spicy food
Aren't they super cute ??

Eating Indian {spicy} food!

In other news...
Have you ever heard of "Squishy Baff"?
I hadn't either, but it was dirt cheap on clearance
so we thought we would give it a try.
We're trying to do some extra fun things with the boys
instead of just focusing on baby girl!
The bath basically turned into green, goopy applesauce!

When we were done, we added a salt mixture pack
to dissolve it back into water.
Cool stuff! 
and we have 7 more baths worth.....and other colors!
Monday - gave up on trying the "old wives tales"
Sat around all day and took one short walk.
Our due date is officially passed (1/13/13).
I've never been pregnant past my due date before!
The doctor will induce Thursday if she hasn't arrived by then,
 but I am praying to go into labor naturally.
Casey worked in Greenville yesterday,
but I am so thankful that they approved him
to work from home in Columbia until baby arrives.
anytime now, Elizabeth!
<>< Stacy

Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 Off to a Good Start!

2013 is off to a good start!
We got super lucky at Walmart recently
[even though, I'm not really a Walmart fan]
We snagged these Cocky costumes for $1 each!
They are soft and warm so we let them wear them as PJs.
Pennies for their banks!

Our little Gamecock boys!
The boys watching me cook again!
They really just want to stir and eat leftover chocolate chips.
Christopher took a liking to one of
the new costumes from Christmas...
He was such a cute little muscle man!
Gi Joe Chrisfer
This was too funny!
Like Father, like son ?
39 weeks pregnant!
and a few more cute pics of the kids on a cold, rainy day!


 Baby kisses :)

39.5 Weeks pregnant !!
We're just waiting for Elizabeth to arrive!
I have a doctor appointment Thursday afternoon :)
<>< Stacy

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

December Photo Re-Cap

LOTS of fun stuff happened in December!
I'll keep the comments brief so you can just enjoy the pictures...
Casey found this little guys in our yard when he was raking leaves.
A turtle in our yard!
The boys got to open a few presents early!
Aunt Pam and Uncle Buck sent some Christmas movies!
Yay for some Christmas movies to get in the spirit! 
Our other Christmas movies are packed up in storage.
This is what a good garage sale day looks like!
Some new stuff, some cool stuff, and some GREAT deals!
We scout them out in advance (online)
and this one said "newborn girl shoes"
so we went at 8 am before my gig rehearsal
and scored some stuff for Elizabeth!
Stocking up on future sizes, too -- $12 total!

The boys and I have had a lot of hot chocolate date nights!
They looooooooove marshmallows!

Hate it when the marshmallows get stuck!!!!
Scooby Doo loves marshmallows, too!
We knocked out all 3 glasses!
My sister and I are both expecting,
so we took a "bump-to-bump" picture  :)
2nd trimester and 3rd trimester
I had to capture this at Violet's party--
Christopher just sat down and started
reading the cards like it was his party
Happy Birthday Violet!

Whose party is it anyway?

Is this stuff for me?

Violet and Michael trying to do damage to the pinata.
The boys love to pull chairs up and "watch" me cook...or stir...or 'help'

Breakfast for dinner!
My first attempt at a breakfast casserole

More early Christmas presents!

Mommy and Daddy got a new toy, too - GPS!
We've already put it to good use Grandma and Grandpa!

Super excited to have some new toys and books!
Michael loves having a 'laptop'.
36 weeks pregnant.......................and punch balloons!
I don't wear glasses all the time,
but I thought I would get something FUN this time!
Purple with flowers on the side!
Trying out my new glasses!
We got to see just about everyone in Spartanburg this year!

LaVonda and the boys!

Hoping to put these to use in some SNOW!!!!

Phil, LaVonda, and the boys!

A family of 4 this year!

Casey and me  :)
We stopped at Northbrook Baptist Church's
live nativity for hot chocolate, candy canes,
and to emphasize the 'real' reason for the season.

Christopher taking it all in.

Hot chocolate was popular, of course!

Enjoying a candy cane, too!

Casey and me, again  :)
Christmas Eve!
We went to the Christmas Eve church service
at my parents' church this year. 
I thought the boys were pretty good :)
(and cute, of course!)
Christopher and Michael taking it all in!

Christmas as a family of 4 !

A family tradition.... 
reading the Christmas story before bed!

Grandma and Grandpa and the 3 Grandkids!

Everybody ready for Santa!

Aren't they all SO cute?

A little hyped up!

and finally, some hot chocolate before bed :)

Christmas for 3 little kiddos!

Some of the 'older kids' (adults)
decided to leave out multiple canned sodas
 and let Santa decide what he wanted.
I believe Santa went with Diet Pepsi.
What did Santa have to say?
He ate the cookies!

Stocking time!

Headlamps rock at any age!

More Christmas family time!
At Gigi, Gramps, and Buster's house!


And the boys were getting TIRED!
After Christmas......

Playing together...with a piece of marble tower.

Love these sweet boys :)

A little after-Christmas shopping.
Overall, Christmas left the boys feeling like this:

And we even found them like this in the van one time....
Knocked out mid-drawing!!!
We had a blessed Christmas break as a family!
<>< Stacy