Thursday, February 2, 2017

I Want to Forget {But Yet, I Want to Remember}

6 years ago my son nearly died.
I want to forget
but yet, I want to remember.

I want to forget his lifeless body.
But yet, I want to remember.

I want to forget the chaos of those moments.
But yet, I want to remember.

I want to forget my confusion and fears.
But yet, I want to remember.

I want to forget the pain and heartache.
But yet, I want to remember.

I want to forget the waiting.
I want to forget the wondering.
But yet, I want to remember.

I want to forget the sights and the sounds.
I want to forget the sad surroundings of the PICU.
But yet, I want to remember.

Here we are 6 years later,
the first Thursday in February,
and I WANT to remember.

I want to remember how God changed me.
I want to remember how God changed my marriage.
I want to remember how God changed my family.
I want to remember how God changed our life.
and I want to remember how God healed my son.

Christopher's illness is part of our story
not because of his physical scars,
but because of its impact on us and our family.
and that is something I WANT to remember.

I was right when I wrote this post:
because I will truly never forget.
And that's okay.

So starting today, the memories will return.
I'll remember those hard, hard days.
I'll cry (because it still hurts).
I'll pray prayers of thanksgiving.
I'll share our story with anyone who asks.

And I will live a changed life.


Giving Back

In celebration of Christopher's life
6 years after he fought for it,
we will be collecting new stuffed animals
(or monetary donations)
throughout the month of February
for Happy Wheels Inc
to benefit the patients of the
Greenville Children's Hospital.

Let me know if you would like to donate
or if you would like a copy of our flyer!


If you are not familiar with Christopher's story:

Here I share detailed, painful memories  (2012)

Or view our video testimony here:

<>< Stacy

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Back at it!

I miss blogging ~ I really do.

It seems our newest little lady joined us
and "Me Time" just disappeared.
We have adapted to our new normal quite well...
In church often
Homeschooling daily + Co-op
Teaching violin lessons
Laundry under control
Kids fed and dressed daily
Baby sleeping well
Cooking normal meals again
Trail Life, BSF, etc.

...but anything above and beyond that is nearly impossible!

(especially anything that involves
two hands and more than 2 minutes)
Together at Michael's pinewood derby
I am hopeful I can find some time
to get back to blogging again soon.

I know how much our family near and far enjoys it :)

And trust me... I have plenty to share!
Our daily life is like living in a comic strip!!!
<>< Stacy


Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Week of Waiting

On this Thursday in 2011, 
we began a painful week of waiting.
We waited for answers - why was Christopher sick?

We waited for emergency surgery to end - would he be okay?
We waited for Christopher to fight his way back - and off the ventilator.
We waited - and multitudes prayed - for 8 days
and the following Friday our prayers were answered!
Christopher came off the ventilator!

And even though we continued to wait for full restoration of health,
the wait was filled with a peace that only God could provide.
Today, 4 years later,
we are waiting once again...

Waiting for our little bundle of joy - Eliana -
who happens to be due next Friday, 8 days from now...
the exact timeframe we waited for our little guy to fight his way back.
And thankfully, a day and a week that is
so often filled with emotional memories
can now be filled with the joy and excitement
that waiting for a new baby brings.
And no matter when she makes her appearance,
this week will forever be spent celebrating her life!
My heart is full knowing God's timing is perfect and
He continues to reveal himself and His perfect plans to us!
God has blessed us beyond measure!
In Hebrew Eliana means "My God has answered me."
He answers my prayers in beautiful, unexpected ways!
If you are not familiar with Christopher's story:
Blessings (2014)
<>< Stacy

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Less than 2 weeks!

Eliana should be here in less than 2 weeks!
That means this sweet girl is only
'the baby' a little while longer...
She sure has gotten big...
and long, somewhat curly hair, too!
I wonder if she and Eliana will look alike?!

Best buds!!!!!
I think it's about time to get out the baby gear,
clean some baby clothes, and pack for the hospital!
<>< Stacy

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Elizabeth's Birthday!

Elizabeth turned 2 on January 17th!
As a lot of people know, January
has been an unusually busy month for us...
but we managed to have a fun little
Hello Kitty birthday dinner for Elizabeth.  :)

Too shy and grumpy for presents!?!
She loved her present from Christopher ~
Hello Kitty fruit snacks!
Silly smile!
Getting help from Daddy :)

Elizabeth isn't really into princess movies
as much as Cars, Narnia, Wizard of Oz,
and other big brother movies...
but she loves her some ELSA and ANNA!

She's a Hello Kitty fan, too, of course!
Hello Kitty goodies!
"All this for ME?"
She did a great job blowing out the candles!!!!!
She also enjoyed singing Happy Birthday
to herself for a few days.  :)

Such a big girl!!!
Yummy, yummy!!

Can't believe we will add one more sweet baby soon!

This sweet face............I love it!
Tucking Anna in for bed
And an all too accurate picture for Lizzy....

Busy, busy, busy!
Flying with Daddy
Pretty cute brothers, too!

Melt my heart!

Such a toothless little grin!

I just love these two crazy boys...

and they love each other!
One day, rather than napping,
Elizabeth decided to try her hand at
emptying drawers and layering
dress-up clothes with regular clothes.

Mommy was too pregnant tired to go upstairs
and play the 'get in bed now' card.
Too cute to punish??
And this is just another beautiful Sunday
after a great morning at church!
Aren't they getting SO big??
Elizabeth and Elsa inseparable again...
My sweet 2 year old baby girl  :)
Now we can pray she adapts well to
being a big sister to another baby girl!

Her sweet, innocent look :)

I still can't believe Elizabeth is 2 years old!
I am so thankful for her sweet and spunky personality.
I love to listen to her talk and reason like a 2 year old!
<>< Stacy