Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Week of Waiting

On this Thursday in 2011, 
we began a painful week of waiting.
We waited for answers - why was Christopher sick?

We waited for emergency surgery to end - would he be okay?
We waited for Christopher to fight his way back - and off the ventilator.
We waited - and multitudes prayed - for 8 days
and the following Friday our prayers were answered!
Christopher came off the ventilator!

And even though we continued to wait for full restoration of health,
the wait was filled with a peace that only God could provide.
Today, 4 years later,
we are waiting once again...

Waiting for our little bundle of joy - Eliana -
who happens to be due next Friday, 8 days from now...
the exact timeframe we waited for our little guy to fight his way back.
And thankfully, a day and a week that is
so often filled with emotional memories
can now be filled with the joy and excitement
that waiting for a new baby brings.
And no matter when she makes her appearance,
this week will forever be spent celebrating her life!
My heart is full knowing God's timing is perfect and
He continues to reveal himself and His perfect plans to us!
God has blessed us beyond measure!
In Hebrew Eliana means "My God has answered me."
He answers my prayers in beautiful, unexpected ways!
If you are not familiar with Christopher's story:
Blessings (2014)
<>< Stacy

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Less than 2 weeks!

Eliana should be here in less than 2 weeks!
That means this sweet girl is only
'the baby' a little while longer...
She sure has gotten big...
and long, somewhat curly hair, too!
I wonder if she and Eliana will look alike?!

Best buds!!!!!
I think it's about time to get out the baby gear,
clean some baby clothes, and pack for the hospital!
<>< Stacy