Monday, September 30, 2013

Goodbye Summer!

I thought I would share the rest of our summer snapshots
before we HAPPILY transition into one of my favorite seasons!
End of summer pictures....
Christopher squeezing Elizabeth a little too hard...he was SO excited!

Mama's girl!

Casey's diving form = incredible!

Lizzy loved it :)

My sweet girl on her 1/2 birthday!!!
Her outfit was handmade by a wonderful lady I met in college!

Chubby Cheeks :)

This was when I started trying out wavy hair to save some time in the mornings.

Oh this face..........

"I'm cute and I know it!"
Just starting to stand up at 6 months!

Uncle Cole came over for a yummy dinner.

Stuffed mushrooms, roasted green beans, creamed tomatoes and corn,
garlic/brown sugar chicken, and stuffed zuchinni.  YUM!

Christopher after he got over his HUGE fear of being in the water!


Cutest little dudes EVER!

First and only date night so far this year!  Thanks, Lacy!

Daddy's girl, too (when I share)

Pretzel writing with Brooke...educational snack time!

Grabbing a quick dinner after buying BUNK BEDS!

1st time sitting in the high chair (6.5 months).
Elizabeth already has WAY more hair than this!

Lovin' on Brooke!

Trouble and More Trouble.  Seriously!

Helping or hindering with laundry?

Playing with Ava!

Started climbing stairs at 6 MONTHS!!!!!!!

We were shocked she could do this so young.

(Only allowed to climb with parental permission)
* She is VERY fast now! *

I love to find these 2 reading :)

Pirate's Cove with Uncle Steven

Aren't we cute???

Steven and niece, Violet


My other niece, Lily!  Isn't her smile sweet!?!?!?!

Me and that crazy girl of mine!

All dressed up for church

Learning to blow and make sounds with her lips.
What a FACE!

She got too fast and mobile... so we had to cage her in!

How can you NOT smile at this?  Glamorous.  :)

Checking out the action [brothers] in the pool.

Michael's spinning jump...
check these out in order.....

Glad he likes the water like his Daddy!

1st bath in the 'real' bathtub

"This is fun!"
Christopher Robyn Wiley
hanging out with "Gramps"
who he is named after
(Robyn Alan Tibbetts)


What IS this FACE!??!

Feeding ducks with Grandpa

Feeding ducks

Fun, fun, fun!

More fun pool time at Papa's house!

Splash competitions with Uncle Cole!
Still happy  :)  The kids LOVED the pool!

Papa and Elizabeth

Yet another swim day!

1st time swinging at the park!

Fun at the park.

Sleeping in a tent??

"The joke is on YOU Mommy!"
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha  :)
That is the extent of our summer pictures (finally)!
Bring on FALL!!!!!
<>< Stacy