Thursday, August 29, 2013

This n That

I am thrilled to have sunny weather around here this week!
Week 1 of school is well under way.
Lots of adapting on my part,
but we are having fun and learning.
Just a few snapshots...
Pattern Blocks




Counting with.... marshmallows!?!
You KNOW Christopher loved that!

Studying Creation
This was a fuuuuuuuuuuun project!

Playing "Put the Fire Out"
Michael hopping on 1 foot!

Put the Fire Out!
And of course the best learning is unplanned  :)
Scared at first, he let it crawl onto his hand.

He tried to convince me to let him keep it as a pet.

God created the world and he holds it in his hands!
In other news,
I start violin lessons next week!
If you live around here, spread the word!
I have plenty of openings on Tues/Thurs.
I can e-mail info and/or flyers.

 In OLDER news.....
The boys did great at the dentist last month!
Can't believe they had a TV on the ceiling
 to watch during their cleaning...
Michael was thrilled - and behaved perfectly for the first time ever!
Curious Christopher

Dentist taking a look

Loving the glasses they pulled out for Christopher!

July 4th weekend!
At Lake Murray for July 4th

Experimenting with a spoon...(she is a pro now!)

Sparklers with Missy!

Excited :)

Christopher using his on the ground!?!

Enjoying the sunset together

Thrilled to have glow sticks!!!!!!!!!

Just a LITTLE excited about fireworks  ;)

Adorable Cousins we miss so much!! 

2.5 months apart

Lily and Lizzy
Busy but happy....and growing in the Lord!
Hope you are having a blessed week!
<>< Stacy

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

1st Day of Homeschool!

Yesterday we had a busy, but quite successful first day of homeschool!
I can't believe I have a kindergartener!
After a crazy year+ for us, Michael seems eager to have structured learning time.
He is very excited to do ANY school activities (so far, anyway).
We actually started reading lessons this summer and he is doing quite well!
But let's not discount the little guy, either.
So far, he insists on sitting with us....
so I give him educational activities for a while
and then just small toys at the table.
I know he is paying attention because he breaks out in our songs from time to time.
Today, when he heard "Frere Jacques" on Pandora, he sang our Trinity song instead.
Smart kid.  Same tune.  Different words.  Love him!
Sometimes I have to gently remind Michael that Christopher is much younger...
For example,
The boys were coloring shamrocks
(learning about the Trinity),
and Christopher's was very scribbly.
Michael started to say something to Christopher
in his "you're doing it wrong" voice.
I quickly stopped him with a gentle "remember, he's only 3" voice.
To my surprise, he changed his tone and said
something nice about liking Christopher's work instead.
Brotherly love!  Melt my heart!
I definitely had a proud Mommy moment on our first day, too....
 Michael wrote "God" all by himself on his Trinity shamrock.
(See below - We'll work on the 'd' another day!)

Lizzy is begging for attention!
We are working towards naptime during school. 
She loves the doggies!
Michael was so excited by a sticker chart I made
that he read 7 little books just to put stickers by them!
We designated the kitchen table area for school...
I have a closet in the laundry room devoted to school supplies.
I love our artwork display wall!
I feel so blessed to be able to homeschool our children.
Just 2 years ago, Casey and I were both working full time AND part time jobs.
Not only did God reveal to us that our priorities needed to change,
but He moved mountains to make our current lifestyle possible.
There were some hard days that brought us here,
but I am extremely happy and blessed to be here.
I can already see I have a lot to learn on our homeschool journey,
but I am ready and willing for God to walk me through it!
<>< Stacy

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My kids crack me up...

Sometimes my kids are downright cute.....
and sometimes they just CRACK ME UP!
For example.....
Mommy wants a cute family picture after church
because everyone is dressed nice (and awake).
Christopher just wants to look at his cow watch
and Michael just wants his 'Fluff Bunny'.
Who wins?

We had a pretty good first attempt
(see 'Fluff Bunny' on left)
I was using Christopher's watch as bribery.
Let's try with Mommy...
all smiles laughing at Daddy!

Wait, is that 'Fluff Bunny' on my head?
Love Christopher's face!


Michael thought that was HILARIOUS!

 Well, at least Lizzy cooperated...
And Daddy, too! 
One last attempt at a group shot?
Oh, I give up.......... let's just capture our true colors!

* Note 'Fluff Bunny' on Casey's head,
Christopher proudly displaying his watch,
and Elizabeth watching Christopher. *

What a fun family I have!
This picture just cracks me up!!
(Because it captures who we are!!)
It's always fun to see the work that goes into a good family picture!
(and for the record, I love ALL of these pictures!)
Speaking of pictures,
I just prepared a ton of pictures to post on the blog over the next week.
Lots of exciting things going on in our lives!
<>< Stacy