Friday, December 19, 2014

What's in a Name?

We're finally ready to reveal our
newest baby girl's sweet name!
But first, a little bit of background.
For those who aren't familiar,
I thought it would be fun to share where
the other kids' names came from, too.

It's especially important to us that our
children's first names have a known Biblical meaning.

We also like to pass on family names and honor
people we have lost or who are very special to us.
So here is where their names come from....
1.  Michael Lynn Wiley
Hebrew meaning: "Who is like God?"
Also, the archangel in the Bible.
Casey's middle name.
In honor and memory of Casey's dad
whose middle name was Lynn.
2. Christopher Robyn Wiley
 "Bearer of Christ"
or "he who holds Christ in his heart"
In honor of my Grandpa and greatest fishing buddy!
Although he is NOT named after the
Winnie-the-Pooh character Christopher Robin,
I actually was reading one of those books when I jokingly `
mentioned how well Christopher went with Robyn.
But rest assured, our Christopher Robyn is
named after someone far more special ~ my Grandpa!
As Christopher grows older, he actually bears a striking
resemblance to the Winnie the Pooh Christopher Robin, too.  :)
3.  Elizabeth Annalise Wiley
"Pledged to God, or God's Promise"
A family name from Casey's mom's family
shared by his Grandpa's sister and mother.
"Graced with God's bounty"
In honor and memory of Casey's mom
whose middle name was 'Anne'.
She would have been a wonderful and proud Nana!
You may know her better as "Lizzy,"
but thanks to her special baby song,
she knows her name is Elizabeth Annalise.
She answers to Elizabeth, Lizzy, Liz, and more,
but Mommy prefers Elizabeth.  :)
and finally,
4.  Eliana Marie Wiley
"My God has answered me"
Her Mommy's middle name :)
My heart wanted another baby girl so badly, and
as I searched for a baby girl name with religious meaning,
this one stood out perfectly... and I just knew ~
My God has answered me!
Originally, the boys insisted we name her Rosalita (?!?)
so I was very pleased when we mentioned 'Eliana'
and they also fell in love with it instantly!
The boys have been proudly announcing
her name to everyone for months!
We can't wait to welcome Eliana Marie into our family!
Michael Lynn Wiley - 6.5 yrs old

Christopher Robyn Wiley - 4.5 yrs old

Elizabeth Annalise Wiley - 23 months old
<>< Stacy