Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Photo Update

For all of you who like to see pictures of the kids...
this post is for YOU!
Here are some fun snapshots from the last few weeks :)
Father's Day 2013 with Daddy and Steven
Do you think we look alike?

Elizabeth has been doing well in her own room!
I find her all over the a new place every morning! 

Hanging out in the corner of the crib
A few weeks ago, at 5 months old,
Elizabeth started getting up on
her hands and knees and rocking a lot.

Showing off her skills

Trying to figure out how to crawl...

STRONG girl up on her toes! 

Michael playing with Elizabeth  :)

Don't you wish you were a morning person like this?
At least I am greeted with smiles! 

Bright eyed and bushy tailed!
Elizabeth has been eating baby oatmeal everyday! 

What is this stuff??

Yum, yum!

Shopping at Hobby Lobby...

Contagious smiles!
I have been wanting to post a video of Lizzy crawling,
but she is still super slow - so the videos were all too long!
I know you might think I am crazy saying she can crawl at 5.5 months,
but here is some photo proof............



She may be slow, but she lunges, crawls a little bit,
and gets wherever she wants to go!

Hard to crawl in these dresses, Mom!
Another mealtime pic!

Grandpa built this awesome Thomas track for Michael...
and brother destroyed it within minutes.  *sigh* 

What'd'ya do with little bros?


Just playin' with toys

This is what uncle visits are for.
Sword fighting.......... and LOTS of it!
My money is on Christopher!

Sometimes you have to let the little ones win!

Who are the children here, anyway?

Serious face - posing!

I got my hair cut after 8 months...
and decided to keep it long for now.
They always send me home with these lovely curls
that I have no idea how to reproduce successfully!

Long hair and beautiful curls
A fun Saturday included Zaxby's
courtesy of VBS completion coupons!
The boys were thrilled  :)

Fun with the camera while Daddy refills drinks and
 takes Christopher to the bathroom numerous times (tehehe!)

I thought I said "smile" !?!

Handsome boys.

A quick picture after church with my beautiful princess :)
1st Sunday I got to play violin in church again!

The boys do a great job trying to tempt Lizzy into crawling.

"Wizzy, come on!"

In awe of everything!

Christopher cooking up a plate for Lizzy!
I have to admit, these pictures are actually a few weeks old.
Hope to get a more recent update up soon!
Loving life!
<>< Stacy