Monday, September 22, 2014

It's a......

We are excited to announce that...

Baby Wiley #4 is a girl!
As I mentioned before,
the boys were split on their hopes...
Michael wanted another brother,
and Christopher wanted another sister.
During our ultrasound,
baby did NOT cooperate!
It was the longest ultrasound ever,
and we still scheduled another one
to see a few things baby kept hiding!
(Modest much?)
I was a little worried we wouldn't
figure out the baby's gender!!!
But after a potty break and a little walking,
She finally showed us what we needed to see :)
Christopher was very excited that he was "right"
and Michael was pretty excited, too.
This is our best shot for now,
but they are hoping for some better
profile shots in 5 weeks.
Uncooperative little girl!
We got Elizabeth's baby doll
an extra special outfit
so she can be practicing  :)

She loves her babies!
I am loving this tiny baby Moses basket
we found at Goodwill today, too  :)

She's going to be a KISSY big sister!
And just to make it a little more special...
Pink and Purple balloons for the kids!
Someone doesn't see balloons very often!

Daddy is pretty happy, too  :)
Best buds forever!  Protective big brothers!

Yes, I am pretty excited about dressing up another little girl!!!

Isn't he adorable in his boots??
We released the balloons up to
Nana and Grandpa Wiley in Heaven  :)

God's creation is amazingly beautiful!
Let's hope she loves the 'real' baby this much!
Growing our baby girl...19 Weeks along
 Most everybody knows I was hoping for a girl.
I even bought (and hid) a quaint little book on sisterhood!
Of course, I would have been happy either way,
but I am so glad Elizabeth will experience sisterhood!
Now comes the fun of collecting
0-12 month baby girl clothes!
Luckily, we kept a few favorite outfits, shoes, and hats.
Since the girls will only be a month apart,
their sizes should line up perfectly in the future!
It looks like another special little girl
is headed our way in February!
<>< Stacy

Friday, September 12, 2014

Boy or Girl?

We find out if this sweet little baby
is a BOY or a GIRL very soon!
Our ultrasound is set for
Monday, September 22nd.
We are planning on taking the kids with us!

and both boys were with us at our 1st ultrasound,
so it should be exciting for them!
1st ultrasound - at 11 weeks
Michael wants another little brother.
Christopher wants another little sister.
Either way, I am praying for good health
for this active little baby!
I can't wait to find out!
I'm ready to collect baby clothes,
consider names, and make space for new baby!
<>< Stacy

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lefties and Laughter

It's been fun and crazy
around the Wiley house lately!
Check out some snapshots...
Casey surprised us with a froyo trip!
The boys were super excited to pick out toppings!

She insisted on wearing these arm warmers! 

Two very happy little boys!
I used to always take cute pictures
on Sundays after church...
so I've been trying to again lately :)
(Elizabeth fell asleep on the way home!)

Silly faces are waaaaay more popular!

We will find out if this is a baby boy or girl in 1.5 weeks!
I can feel baby moving around a little bit almost everyday!

Tiny baby bump a couple of weeks ago!
I am fairly certain that our little girl is a lefty,
just like her brother (Christopher) is and her Nana was!
Nobody in my family was a lefty so I am
learning new things through homeschooling them!
I am certainly pleased with her pencil grip
for only 20 months old  :)
Must have learned it from her brothers!

She loves puzzles, too.
I just love it when Christopher insists
on wearing a hat to church!
Michael has definitely outgrown hat wearing!
I can't say no to the cowboy boots either....
I just love these 3 to pieces!

Sporting their stick swords and guns....
Lots of laughter around here  :)
<>< Stacy

Monday, September 8, 2014

Schoolroom Painted!

I knew the minute I woke up today
that this was going to be a good day!
I got 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep, and
my pregnancy dreams weren't nearly as disturbing as usual!
I thought I would share some pictures of our
freshly painted schoolroom/den.

Michael brings stuff like this in the house!
We knew when we moved into this house April 2013
that it needed a lot of painting....
(at least 6 rooms)
and now, over a year later, we
finally got started on our FIRST painting project!

Cutting in edges and paneling grooves (my job)
And let me tell you, painting with
3 little kids in the house is no easy task!
But with the help of good ole TV babysitter,
we painted around a mess of furniture and got it done!

Messy!  Squeezed between furniture to get it done!
Now our den/schoolroom is one of the
most colorful places in the house!
Still some organizing to take care of...
The official 'school table'
Nothing on the walls yet!
We are using tape to teach Lizzy to stay out of our stuff!
The picture on the shelf is by Albrecht Durer,
the artist we are currently studying.
We moved the cd player to a more central location
so we can play our current composer's music more often
and just listen to more music in general.
I love it!

Michael prefers to work at the little coffee table.
So that's it!
The first freshly painted room in our house!
I don't have any big plans for decorating, but
we will be hanging a whiteboard and schoolwork displays.
Even though this rather large room took 10 hours,
I am definitely inspired to paint some more  :)
(while I can still bend over pregnant)
Sadly, I took these dim pictures on a rainy day,
but in case you were wondering...
it is called 'rushing stream'.
We did discover one perk to a rainy day...
cooler weather and lunch outside!!

Michael blessing our food

Cheesy smiles!

Another interesting spider Michael discovered.
We actually have 2 of these by our porch!

Ooooooh that cheese face!  Silly!
<>< Stacy