Wednesday, December 19, 2012

First Time Fishing

Everyone who knows me well knows
that I love hard core bass fishing with Grandpa.
I haven't been able to go in a very long time for many different reasons,
but we took the opportunity to go fishing with the boys in Florida.
Here are a few snapshots of their first time fishing!
Michael said, "the hardest part is waiting for the fish".
Not quite sure what's in store!

First catch went to Daddy!

Michael helped bring in Mommy's catch!

Christopher threw this one back -
His finger barely fit in its mouth!

The biggest catch went to Mommy!
The boys had a lot of fun catching fish...
even though it was 'hard to wait for them'!
I hope we can take them fishing more
when we get moved up to Boiling Springs one day.
And they ended our trip to Florida as Power Rangers!!!!!!

Power Ranger boys!
Thanks Aunt Michelle and Uncle Bobby!
<>< Stacy

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Manatees and More!

While in Florida, we enjoyed a wonderful trip to
Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park
It was one of the most natural animal parks...
We LOVED it!
It even started with a boat ride from our parking to the main park.
We were very impressed with the variety of animals. 
Everything from swans, snakes, owls, ducks, deer, alligators,
manatees, Eagles, flamingos, river otters, lots of other birds, and WAY more! 
There was even a children's learning center where the boys did some rubbings.
I would definitely go again and recommend this place to anyone!
Off the boat and ready to see the manatees!
Did I mention SUPER excited?
The entire park had these wide boardwalks for walking around.
Michael off to see some animals!

One of the boys even touched the snake...
can you guess who?

No fear!  This little dude was excited to touch the snake!
We got a handful of food and fed the animals, too.

Chillin' with Mommy                    Feeding some birds!
They even had a HIPPO!

Michael checking out the hippo.

We saw the manatees in several different locations.
Here, some were being fed lettuce.
Would you believe our boys now eat lettuce/salad
from time-to-time because "the manatees eat it"?

Watching through the glass
Our Family Manatee Portraits

Michael                                Mommy

Christopher                              Daddy

Michael was super excited to go into the
"underwater building"...the observatory!

The fish were circling the observatory!

Super Duper excited!
Taking it all in  :)

Funny Daddy!

Ending out trip to Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park!
And on the way home:
Where else do you find a White Egret... a KFC parking lot?

KFC + a White Egret
We topped the day off watching the Gamecocks kill the Tigers!
Go Gamecocks!
Silly boys!

Michael's picture of everybody chillin'

Go Gamecocks!
<>< Stacy

Not your Normal Neighborhood

Back to some Florida fun...
Let's just say Casey's family doesn't live in a typical neighborhood.
Look at all of the beautiful scenery and fun things you can do,
by simply walking around the block!
Grandpa hanging out with us

2 cuties

The boys were NOT up for a picture here :)

Handsome Michael

One of the neighborhood play areas!

Who's hiding behind Daddy?

It's Michael!!
Around 33 weeks pregnant here

Classic faces!!!!!!!!

Classic sweetness :)

Loving our time together!

Happy Days!

Loving the water

Enjoying the scenery

Showing Elizabeth some love!

Brothers :)

The best husband and father to our family!
<>< Stacy