Monday, February 6, 2012


For those of you who don't know our family very well, meet Bear - Our first pet - rescued from
the animal shelter summer 2006.

Sunday night, we noticed Bear acting unusual and his stomach was very hard. Due to it being late and on a weekend, Casey had to take him to the emergency clinic for x-rays and tests. We were told that Bear had a bowel obstruction and would need surgery. The estimated cost was so high we were faced with the decision to pay or put him down. It was an agonizing night and morning knowing Bear is only 7 years old and in good health and should be better within days if we did the surgery soon enough. We simply couldn't afford it.
This situation is all too familiar - Christopher's intussusception was this exact week last year. This felt like a cruel and unfair joke. The decision was impossible. We decided to go to our vet and try to get a lower estimate. Our vet did a consultation for free, but it turns out she doesn't do bowel surgeries. Thanks to a sweet, sweet friend with veterinarian connections, we were directed to a vet who might be able to help us. 3rd vet in 1 day! 'Dr. A' did an examination and told us he felt like it was a simple, non-surgical fix. We were so relieved! Unfortunately, he called us back after a re-examination and said Bear would still need surgery. Thankfully, his estimate was 1/3 the cost of the emergency clinic.
It seems like a simple obstruction. We decided for surgery. We feel good about our decision. It's so frustrating to experience this right so, so many ways. So please pray for us:
Prayers that Bear's surgery will go well tomorrow
Prayers for that I can handle it all while Casey's out of town
Prayers that we can be at peace
Prayers for our finances
Prayers for everything
Something extremely odd:
Christopher's surgeon last year was Dr. Adkins
Bear's vet/surgeon is Dr. Atkinson
Our house showed tonight for the first time. The realtor? Katie Atkinson.

<>< Stacy