Friday, August 31, 2012

It's a...

We are happy to announce that...
It's a girl!
We are beyond excited that we will be
adding a little girl to our family of boys  :)
We went to the doctor this morning at 20 w 5 days to have our BIG ultrasound!
Michael was thrilled that he was 'old enough' to come along.
(He was really only somewhat interested when he could see the face or hands)
The baby was all balled up like a "roly poly"
(the ultrasound technician spoke boy language!),
but after checking out all of [her] anatomy,
we were finally able to see -- it's a girl!
All Michael had to say: "I was right!  You were wrong, Mommy!"
Over and over.  To everyone.
Michael has decided we will call her "lovey girl" (for now).
Although it took a lot of looking past hands, arms, legs, and feet, everything checked out just fine!  We weren't able to get a close enough look at her heart so I will have another ultrasound at my next appointment just to make sure it looks good.  They aren't concerned at all and were able to see 4 chambers, but she was all balled up - which made it rather difficult.  I'm more than happy to have an extra ultrasound and see my baby girl!
 The boys in their Big Brother shirts before our appointment.
(Special Thanks to Aunt Steph for watching Christopher!)
Boy or Girl?  Ready to find out!!!!!!!!
Waiting for our ultrasound.....
We all got decked out in pink in honor of 'lovey girl'
and took some FUN pictures with my sister (Thanks so much, Steph)!
Waiting for our precious little girl to fill her shoes :)
Cool Big Brothers

 My 2 boys :)
Pink in honor of 'lovey girl'.  We love her so much already!
My boys...
BEST Big Brothers EVER!
Can you tell we're excited?

More pictures and news on our fun and exciting weekend over the next few days...including ultrasound pictures of our sweet little girl!
<>< Stacy, Casey, Michael, Christopher, and baby girl

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