Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mid-Week Photos

Here is a little of what's been going on here this week...
Due to some behavioral issues/outbursts, I have cracked down on discipline lately.  As a result, a lot of the boys' toys have found themselves being placed on the 'thinking square'.  Seriously.  I find them in every corner I have ever sat the kids out in...and sometimes they even get out the carpet square!  Michael always has a 'reason', but Christopher just sits them out for getting "in t(r)ouble".
Poor, poor, Woody

I realized I had jewelry (and odds and ends) in just about every nook and cranny in my room and an empty jewelry organizer.  That makes no sense!  I got it organized.  Whew!  Maybe I can actually wear some of those pieces now that I can find them!  (It doesn't help that I always toss stuff in my 'junk' drawers before showings!)
Organizing the 'junk' drawers!

I even found my glasses!  Did you know I wear glasses?  Michael asked me if they were Daddy's glasses!  Hahahaha!  I might need to start wearing them again!

Stacy in glasses?
We tried out a new activity yesterday!  Each Easter egg has an uppercase and a lowercase letter on half of it.  We started by sorting into colors (great activity for Christopher - he needed a lot of help!), then Michael started making matches within each color.  Michael told Casey he "got lots of matches!!!!" The boys loved it!
 Sorting colors first
We let Christopher play with one color
while we 'made matches' in another.
 Making matches!

Would you believe M and W both ended up pink? 
It's a good thing my kids eat weird foods....
Mediterranean Crusted Salmon (frozen, I take no credit),
Mediterranean roasted potato slices and white beans,
sweet cooked pinapple, and creamed corn.  They ate it all up!
                                   The boys ate it all up!                              Dinner for 3!
We packed up a lot of cookbooks and other random books for the storage unit and filled those bookshelves with the kids' books so they would be easier to access.  Between that and some new 'boy' books from a family friend (thanks, Tillie!), the boys have spent hours looking at books! 
We even have had 30+ minutes of reading before bed some nights! (7 books tonight...I just couldn't say no to their sweet little pleas for more) -- 3 books each plus the Rhyme Bible, which they love.
Today, we stepped outside for a bit of reading time!
Front porch reading time

They really love the new boyish books!
So cute!
Yum, yum!  We had Kettle Popcorn for snack and Michael counted it out before he ate!  Very easy task for him, but it reinforced learning.  Christopher did a little bit, too.
 Eager to 'count' and eat!
Popcorn - our new favorite afternoon snack!
Such a little man with short hair!
The boys also help me recycle.  Michael likes to show Christopher which bins to use for plastic or paper/cardboard.  As soon as we got under the carport today, rain broke out!  So we stayed and played and spied little roly polys.
aka: Michael Recycle
 Checking out the goods ???
Sweet big brother helping :)
 Looking for Roly Polys
"I got one!"
"I see one!"

Finally got inside from the rain!

Hiding in pillows?

 Made on old standby for dinner... Goulash!
Yum, yum, yum...and once again, the kids both begged for more!
I love it when Michael says, "Mommy, you're a good cook".
(Even though he says it when I heat up chicken nuggets, too!  Tehehe!)

                                            Goulash!!                                       Dinner for 3!
Now why in the world am I still awake at 2:00 in the morning?  I could never stay up this late if I actually wanted to.  Well, after a 9:45 pm Lucky Charms pregnancy craving, I took a short snooze which totally re-energized me for like 3 more hours.  *sigh*  I'll regret it tomorrow!  It sure is interesting to see what goes on after midnight....Celia (our kitty) chases and pounces any bugs she finds!
Casey comes home tomorrow!  For 4 days and 5 nights! 
<>< Stacy


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