Wednesday, September 5, 2012

21 Week Ultrasound

Michael and I are finally ready to share our pictures of
'Lovey Girl' from last week's ultrasound!
Michael seems to take pride in these pictures since he was there when we saw the baby and got these pictures!  He especially loves the one with the "heartbeat" on it :)
Michael and the baby pictures!
'Lovey Girl' at 21 weeks

Face left - Tummy right - Arm up at top
She kept her arms by her face the whole time!
Cute little hand!

Hiding her face behind her arms!
Tummy and cute little legs and feet :)

Another face and tummy shot.
Not much to see in this picture,
but the graph at the bottom was her heartbeat
which of course we got to hear, too!
(Michael loves this one, "The Heartbeat!")
Baby Heartbeat

Little foot!
Can you tell she is all curled up below?
Arm beside her face and legs pulled up!

All curled up! 
The ultrasound tech called her a ROLY POLY!
And the image we waited and waited for........
It's a GIRL!
It's a girl!
I still can't believe we are having a little girl!
<>< Stacy


Amanda McCusker said...

What wonderful pictures! The cool thing about a roly poly baby is that you get all kinds of good shots before the big reveal! It is so cool that Michael is proud of his little sister. I'm so excited that you are having a girl, they are kind of awesome. Though a healthy baby is always the most important thing. I love your title photo too. I loved the way you told everyone, you are so creative!

Wiley family said...

Thanks, Amanda!

I had a few picture ideas (gathered from pinterest of course) and had thought through what we would do if it was a boy or a girl. I didn't realize we had the awesomely cute ties in the attic though until after we found out and I was looking for something in the attic :) My sister was a sport to get all hot taking pictures for us!!