Friday, August 24, 2012

Update Overload 2!

Sunday I will officially be 20 weeks pregnant!  HALFWAY there! 
Even better, Friday we will find out if the baby is a BOY or a GIRL!
Hopefully he or she will cooperate :) 
I usually find out at 17 or 18 weeks, so I am just dying to know!
Pretty much everyone says, "Are you hoping for a girl?".
Well, yeah, I would love to have a little girl!
But we'll be happy either way as long as it is HEALTHY!
If it's a girl, she will need clothes, clothes, and more clothes!
(and anything else I don't want to be boyish).
If it's a boy, he will need newborn Winter clothes
(since this is our first Winter baby).
Either way I will get to have a little Garage Saling fun.
Speaking of Garage Sales, I have had very good luck finding Winter Maternity clothes at 2 Garage Sales!  You can't beat $1.00 a piece for nice stuff!  Even jeans! Like I said, I'm pregnant on the opposite seasons from last time so I am wearing the same summer things over and over again until the weather cools off and I can break out my "new-to-me" stuff!
Have we thought about baby names?
Not really.
No sense in coming up with girl names again if we don't need to.
I've been feeling baby move around a good bit lately.
Michael really wants to feel the baby, but can't yet.
He is also going with us on Friday to find out the gender.
He is such a sweet big brother :)
Casey finally got to feel baby last weekend. 
I was so glad!
I still can't believe I get to stay home with my baby this time!
(No constant pumping!)
I'm sure it will be different, and difficult at times, but I can't wait!
Torturing Christopher
(Trying on a Hotsling I got at a garage sale.)
We still have unanswered questions about our life between now and January 13th,
but we know God is in control and that plans will work themselves out as baby time approaches.
Still praying everyday that our house will sell before baby!
<>< Stacy

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