Friday, August 24, 2012

Update Overload 3!

Here we go!  All the fun kiddo updates!

Christopher's after-bath mohawk!
Which leads me to....  cut the curls for the 3rd time.... 
 Always a good boy for a haircut.
Lookin' like a big boy!

 I was sad to cut his curls off (again),
but I think he looks extremely cute with short hair, too!
(Pictures below may be pre-haircut!)
The boys have started wearing socks on their hands.
I'm not sure where it came from, but they call them 'gloves'.
Helping make muffins!

Wearing 'gloves' (?)
                           Before the haircut.....crazy hair!                 We now have 2 Batman masks!

Sunday after church.  I love our weekend family time!
                                      Shark week!                                        Reading with Grandpa
What is a Wiley blog post without a coupon deal?
We needed to keep the house smelling fresh for showings...
The Glade products seen below (valued at $35+) were FREE.
We just paid tax.
I love couponing!
My favorite couponing sites: Here and Here

 My handsome Bro....
Can't believe he's in college now!!
The boys love to 'dress-up'. their toy box is full of dress-up clothes.
They change in and out of costumes all day!
We usually get dress-up clothes from super cheap after-Halloween-Clearance
at Target, Walmart, Consignment Stores, or Garage Sales (if it is washable).
                             Knight Christopher    Christopher has this eye patch on all the time!   
Cocky and Pirate
Loving the balloons from our Open House!

 You think I'm joking about the eye patch ??
He sleeps in it, too!
We had a yummy one dish meal this week!
Roasted potatoes, carrots, and polska kielbasa sausage:
Dice potatoes, carrots, and sausage.
Mix in bowl with EVOO, salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme, oregano.
Pre-cook in microwave (if you're running behind like me!)
Spread on a large tray, roast in the oven at 400 until browned (30+ mins).
YUM!  We all 3 ate it up!
Roasted potatoes, carrots, and polska kielbasa sausage

Pirate Christopher enjoying dinner!
Yesterday I woke up to this -----
Blanket, pillow, and books, books, books!
Rather than missing their toys (75% sent to storage),
They are loving the new organization of their books
(when they aren't all over the floor).
 Michael reading on the couch.
                   'Gloves', pirate patch, and a smile!             Friday has a sticker on his nose!!
Intently looked at books all day!

Michael took this picture :)

Christopher has returned to being good at naptime.
Michael during naptime.
This kid will play around for 3+ hours and never go to sleep.  *sigh*
In other news.....................................
Yesterday was the first day of school in Richland 2.
It felt really weird to be focusing on my house last week when I
would normally be CRAZY getting ready for school to start.
But yesterday, I experienced all the roles of my new job:
Pre-School teacher
Private Studio - Violin Teacher
and it was very, very fulfilling.
I also decided that maybe my lack of productivity this summer was due to the fact that Summer is usually "vacation mode" as a teacher.  I suddenly feel motivated, inspired, and more positive about actively getting more stuff done around here! 
Christopher's tooth, the one he injured when he fell on a bed, is discoloring.  He goes back to the dentist in 2 weeks to see if there is any infection.  If there is, they may have to pull the tooth to avoid harming his permanent tooth.  If not, he will either have a discolored tooth or it may change back over time.  I'm praying it's fine.  I know this might be selfish, but I think he would look silly missing a tooth for the next 5+ years! 
I've been spending hours researching Homeschool Pre-School curriculums and ideas.
I spent some time in the Homeschool bookstore flipping through books, but
there are a lot of free resources online if you have time, ink, and paper.
I have also bookmarked some Christian Homeschooling blogs so I can get ideas, free printables, and support.  It feels like a massive undertaking to get started, but I am feeling better now.  I am excited to check out all of the stuff I found and get us started!
Most importantly, I am trying to focus myself and our family more on God. 
The old saying, "If Satan can't make you bad, he'll make you busy"
has been very true for me. 
God created us to love and serve Him and to love and serve others! 

Well, Casey will be home in 4 hours! 
That means a fun, family weekend away from the computer!
Did I mention Casey will be home for 4 days and 5 nights next weekend?
<>< Stacy

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