Thursday, August 23, 2012

Update Overload 1!

Whew!  The last 2 weeks have been a whirlwind!  When I plugged in my camera, I found even more pictures of all the work I did last week.  Although I'm sure you have already seen enough pictures of painted doorframes on last week's posts, I am proudly going to post some more.  (Don't worry, the next post will be cute kid updates).  This took a lot of HARD work!

                                          Before                                                          After

                                          Before                                                           After

Beautiful! (I spent like 5 hrs painting these...)
                                          Before                                                       After 1st coat

                                        Dusted/Cleaned Walls           Hideous Door Painted

         Door Before Orange Oil             Door After Orange Oil

                                               Sunroom Floor                         Painted!!!                          

MORE Painted Baseboards

                               To-Do List Disappearing               No Leaves Under the Carport

                                  Kids' Room Before                            After Packing up 75% of Toys

                                        Kids' Room After                     Clean Driveway + Flowers
Fresh Pinestraw...
As for the Open House?  No offers, but a good turnout and some serious interest.  Open House or not, the house is looking much, much better than it did before.  The boys haven't even complained about 75% of their toys being gone (to storage!) although Michael keeps pointing out things missing when he realizes they're gone.  He was happy enough with the leftover Mylar balloons from the Open House signs (9 of them)!
Praying everyday that God has a buyer in mind for our home!
<>< Stacy

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