Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lefties and Laughter

It's been fun and crazy
around the Wiley house lately!
Check out some snapshots...
Casey surprised us with a froyo trip!
The boys were super excited to pick out toppings!

She insisted on wearing these arm warmers! 

Two very happy little boys!
I used to always take cute pictures
on Sundays after church...
so I've been trying to again lately :)
(Elizabeth fell asleep on the way home!)

Silly faces are waaaaay more popular!

We will find out if this is a baby boy or girl in 1.5 weeks!
I can feel baby moving around a little bit almost everyday!

Tiny baby bump a couple of weeks ago!
I am fairly certain that our little girl is a lefty,
just like her brother (Christopher) is and her Nana was!
Nobody in my family was a lefty so I am
learning new things through homeschooling them!
I am certainly pleased with her pencil grip
for only 20 months old  :)
Must have learned it from her brothers!

She loves puzzles, too.
I just love it when Christopher insists
on wearing a hat to church!
Michael has definitely outgrown hat wearing!
I can't say no to the cowboy boots either....
I just love these 3 to pieces!

Sporting their stick swords and guns....
Lots of laughter around here  :)
<>< Stacy

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