Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My kids crack me up...

Sometimes my kids are downright cute.....
and sometimes they just CRACK ME UP!
For example.....
Mommy wants a cute family picture after church
because everyone is dressed nice (and awake).
Christopher just wants to look at his cow watch
and Michael just wants his 'Fluff Bunny'.
Who wins?

We had a pretty good first attempt
(see 'Fluff Bunny' on left)
I was using Christopher's watch as bribery.
Let's try with Mommy...
all smiles laughing at Daddy!

Wait, is that 'Fluff Bunny' on my head?
Love Christopher's face!


Michael thought that was HILARIOUS!

 Well, at least Lizzy cooperated...
And Daddy, too! 
One last attempt at a group shot?
Oh, I give up.......... let's just capture our true colors!

* Note 'Fluff Bunny' on Casey's head,
Christopher proudly displaying his watch,
and Elizabeth watching Christopher. *

What a fun family I have!
This picture just cracks me up!!
(Because it captures who we are!!)
It's always fun to see the work that goes into a good family picture!
(and for the record, I love ALL of these pictures!)
Speaking of pictures,
I just prepared a ton of pictures to post on the blog over the next week.
Lots of exciting things going on in our lives!
<>< Stacy

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