Thursday, August 29, 2013

This n That

I am thrilled to have sunny weather around here this week!
Week 1 of school is well under way.
Lots of adapting on my part,
but we are having fun and learning.
Just a few snapshots...
Pattern Blocks




Counting with.... marshmallows!?!
You KNOW Christopher loved that!

Studying Creation
This was a fuuuuuuuuuuun project!

Playing "Put the Fire Out"
Michael hopping on 1 foot!

Put the Fire Out!
And of course the best learning is unplanned  :)
Scared at first, he let it crawl onto his hand.

He tried to convince me to let him keep it as a pet.

God created the world and he holds it in his hands!
In other news,
I start violin lessons next week!
If you live around here, spread the word!
I have plenty of openings on Tues/Thurs.
I can e-mail info and/or flyers.

 In OLDER news.....
The boys did great at the dentist last month!
Can't believe they had a TV on the ceiling
 to watch during their cleaning...
Michael was thrilled - and behaved perfectly for the first time ever!
Curious Christopher

Dentist taking a look

Loving the glasses they pulled out for Christopher!

July 4th weekend!
At Lake Murray for July 4th

Experimenting with a spoon...(she is a pro now!)

Sparklers with Missy!

Excited :)

Christopher using his on the ground!?!

Enjoying the sunset together

Thrilled to have glow sticks!!!!!!!!!

Just a LITTLE excited about fireworks  ;)

Adorable Cousins we miss so much!! 

2.5 months apart

Lily and Lizzy
Busy but happy....and growing in the Lord!
Hope you are having a blessed week!
<>< Stacy

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