Friday, September 6, 2013

Elizabeth's 1st Gamecock Game!

Last Thursday was Elizabeth's 1st Gamecock game!
All decked out in garnet and black!

The CUTEST brothers!!
We did some sparklers during halftime
since football isn't really that exciting to the boys (yet)...
Michael kept calling them "sprinklers" instead of "sparklers"!

Christopher drawing in the air
Michael seriously caught the ground on fire.....
Grandpa to the rescue!!!
Michael....please keep your sparklers off the ground!
"BUT WHY????" he says

Mommy and baby on the sidelines

TOGETHER this football season :)
Last game season we were living in separate cities,
so game days were hectic with packing and house projects.
This year we get to sit back and enjoy!
(or if you're Casey ---  YELL at the TV).

Love it when I find a matching hat in the closet  :)
We had some family over last weekend and went on a walk
Michael biking and Daddy rollerblading
I had it easy! Didn't even push the stroller!
Michael got so hot and tired he decided to pull his bike along.

Acting goofy!!!!!

Trying out a fishtail braid (no, I didn't do it myself).

Along for the ride...

Kitty kept following us after Casey pet it!
It even came back the next day we walked!!!
In OLDER news from Summer...
Very excited at how fast she can crawl and get away from us.

Who CAN'T smile at brothers like these?

Typical craziness

This is from back when she sat still for more than 2 seconds.

Fun at the pool!

Elizabeth is always good in the water!

At the start of summer, Christopher
was very scared to get in the water.
He's over it now and constantly
jumping off the diving board!
Back when he was scared to get in....
will post more recent pics soon!
We had some family in town visiting this summer!
My yummy chicken pot pie and Uncle Jeff with Lizzy!

Everything in the mouth!

This is what brothers are for....
Learning how to sword fight

Sharing lightsabers and beating you up

and properly equipping you with armor.
I love this little girl :)
<>< Stacy

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