Saturday, September 14, 2013

Elizabeth's Dedication

This post is all about my beautiful baby girl and her baby dedication!
When we moved, we knew it would take some time to find a new home church,
so we decided to have her baby dedication at our church in Columbia.
After all that we went through with Christopher,
our Columbia church holds a very special place in my heart.
They supported us through all 3 of our pregnancies
and all of the ups and downs we experienced in our 6 years there.
It was nice to be 'home' for Elizabeth's baby dedication.
Another was a DOUBLE dedication!
My sister and I were able to dedicate our little girls together :)
Priceless moments!  We are SO blessed!
Elizabeth's Dedication
July 7th, 2013
I made this banana pudding  :)
That morning was a little hectic because we drove in from Spartanburg.
After we got there, Christopher sat in dirt, Lizzy spit up all over her dress,
and Christopher started bleeding from a blister and throwing a Band-aid fit......
I was just giggling through all of the mishaps.
But it was still perfect.
and THIS is what I will remember:

Handsome boys in matching pink ties.

Both families!  9 family members + Dr. Carney

Praying over our baby girls

Uncles Steven, Casey, and the girls :)

Grandma and Grandpa celebrated with us!

I love this man and our family SO much!

Full of smiles......... such a sweet little girl!

After church we celebrated at my sister's house
 My beautiful baby girl :)

It was a perfect day surrounded by people who love us.
I am so glad God gave us Elizabeth.

She is just precious!
<>< Stacy

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