Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Can Tabs for Christopher!

On the first Thursday in February 2 years ago,
Christopher had emergency surgery that saved his life.
(To fix intussusception - a life threatening intestinal blockage)
He was only 8 months old!
After surgery, he spent
21 days in the hospital {7 on a ventilator},
28 days home {still super sick},
and 12 more days in the hospital after a 2nd surgery.
I can remember every detail like it was yesterday...
and if I do, it still hurts ~ deeply.
MANY people
prayed for us,
encouraged us,
visited us,
brought us meals,
and helped us in others ways
as we endured some of the hardest days of our lives.
Our family, our marriage, and our jobs
were strained by the many days we lived in the hospital.
After we finally got home, life was crazy
as we helped Christopher heal
and rebuilt our life to a sense of 'normalcy'.
I never got to individually thank everyone who supported us,
but I remember and greatly appreciate each and every person
who made a difference in our lives during those difficult days.
Thank you doesn't even seem like enough.
Valentine's Day 2011
Moved out of the PICU!
I am so grateful God restored Christopher's health!
So - as if this week isn't crazy enough
with Casey gone out of town...
it's a little emotional, too.
But onto the good stuff....
Last year, in celebration of Christopher's life
1 year after he fought for it,
we had a huge toy drive for Happy Wheels.
This year, we're doing something a little different...
and we would LOVE your help!
We will be collecting "Can Tabs for Christopher"
to benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities.
Can Tabs help raise thousands of dollars each year!
Although we did not stay at a Ronald McDonald House,
we benefitted greatly from their "Family Room"
and frequently got food and drink from there.

If you drink anything that comes from a can,
please consider collecting the can tabs for our donation!
If you don't live near us,
consider contacting a local church or school.
You may have a collection site nearby!
Thanks to my mom, my sister, and me,
the boys already have a pretty good start!

We would love to get a lot of people involved!
What a great, inexpensive, and easy way to make a difference...
and to teach children how they can make a difference, too!
Please contact me if you would like to join us
in collecting "Can Tabs for Christopher"!
We will be collecting Can Tabs through February and March!

<>< Stacy

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Amanda McCusker said...

What a fun and easy way to make a difference!