Thursday, February 7, 2013

{ Things I Learned This Week }

{ Things I learned this week }
On Mommyhood with 2 little boys and a new baby...

Even if you wake up feeling GREAT... exhaustion will hit later!
(Sleeping in short spurts is simply not enough to sustain a person!)

 With lots of planning, you definitely can get out of the house with 3 kiddos!
(Allow LOTS of extra time and plan for EVERYTHING!)

The baby might be happy ALL day... until it's time to make dinner.
( Always check the timer on the stove before sitting down to feed baby.)

Everyone needs Mommy at the same time.

Runny noses happen when your hands are already full.
2 children screaming simultaneously can be funny... or debilitating!

Cherish a hot shower (and take them when you can...).

No amount of violin playing strengthens your arms enough for taking care of baby. 

Productivity around the house can only occur in 20 minute spurts.
(The laundry may not get done no matter how good your intentions are.)

When all 3 kids are napping, the inner dilemma begins --
Enjoy some "me" time or get some stuff done around the house?

Accept any and all help others offer you.

Some things you just have to let go for a few weeks....

 All the children go haywire after sundown.

Fresh air is good for everyone!

  Watching siblings interact lovingly is priceless.
We had a lot of cute awake time with Elizabeth yesterday!
The boys are SO cute with her!

She had her first tummy time and we attempted to go on a walk.
(we didn't get very far because Christopher
wasn't in the stroller and his bikes are still too big!)
We also had an awesome skype date with Daddy!
Look closely at the boys in the upper left hand corner...
and yes, you saw that right...
all 3 boys playing harmonica! 

Serenading Elizabeth
Today, Elizabeth is a little stuffy like the boys...
so we are off to buy saline when the boys wake up from naps.

Poor little baby, she's been napping all day!
Daddy comes home tomorrow!

<>< Stacy

I hope you will join us in collecting "Can Tabs for Christopher"!


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Amanda McCusker said...

I love all the boys playing harmonicas that is so cool! It looks like Lizzy is impressed! I miss the arrow arms that babies make. It looks like they just shot a bow and arrow. I was looking at some pictures of Zoey and she has that same stance! The boys look like they are so sweet with her, that is precious!