Wednesday, February 13, 2013

'Ewizabiff' funnies...

"MoooooOOOmmy, Ewizabiff wants my sword."  ~ Christopher
Oh, does she?
"MooooOOOOmmy, Ewizabiff dropped my sword."  ~ Christopher
Sweetie, she didn't drop it on purpose.
She can't even hold it yet.
"MoooooooooOOOOmmy, Ewizabiff hit me." ~ Christopher
She did not hit you!
She's just flailing her arms around while she cries!
Scoot away from her!
No, I'm not making this stuff up!
Sweet Brother
The conversations around here have been HILARIOUS lately!
I wish I could remember them all to share!
Wearing his monkey baffrobe!
Christopher is so, so, so funny figuring out what babies can and can't do.
He seriously wants her to play with him.
He loves to rub his head on Elizabeth's head.
He says she likes it and he thinks it makes her stop crying.  :)
Puzzle champ!
Michael gives her loveys and stuffed animals when she is crying.
He tries so hard to get her to stop crying... such a sweetie!
Do the animals look like they're helping?
He also makes up songs about everything in our life right now.
"Mommy, did you hear my song?"
His songs usually have hints of Disney songs
or Christian songs in them - with a 'sweet Lizzy' or family twist.
Michael is singing here...
I love to watch Michael step up and be such a big helper.
He leads our bedtime prayer sometimes, too.
I'm impressed with how many people and things he remembers to pray for!
Sweet brother!  :)
"You talkin' to me?"

It's her "Aunt Allie says I'm super cute!" shirt

Just chillin' with "whisper" the deer.
In other news, we are working on getting our house show-ready again.
This picture is such an oxymoron to me...
Show-ready house + baby
should not exist in the same sentence!
Elizabeth approves of the clean living room.
Elizabeth gets this one piece of baby equipment...that's IT!
Sleeping baby = the only time to clean!
and a couple more 'Ewizabiff' funnies.....
When Elizabeth cries, Christopher usually says,
"MooooooOOOmmy, Ewizabiff wants to eat your chest."
We might need to explain a few more things here.  :)
and although he expected her to talk right away, he finally figured out,
"Ewizabiff isn't talking because she's a baaaaaby." ~ Christopher
At least he finally got THAT right!!
<>< Stacy

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