Thursday, February 14, 2013

4 weeks already!

I can't believe Elizabeth is 4 weeks old today!
Time is flying by already!
I am soaking up her tiny sweet cuteness :)
Here are some fun moments
that haven't made it to the blog
from the last 2 weeks.
The day of our family photo shoot
I will share our professional pics soon!

Being silly at lunch.

Love a little guy in a tie ;)

Trying out chopsticks for the 1st time.

Christopher gave up!

Michael did pretty good with chopsticks!
My fortune...

Generosity, yes...perfection?  Not so much!
Visiting Daddy's office in Greenville

Mommy and sweet Elizabeth

Daddy has the whole family in his little office!
Big brother moment

Proud big bro.
1st trip to church...2 weeks old!
Casey and I were both awake early and felt good,
so we figured we should just go to church!
It felt good to have the family in church
worshipping God and thanking Him for our blessings!

Two too cute boys!
Me and my crew :)

Not bad for 2 weeks post-baby.
Michael took this pic!

The 3 boys in my life.

Love, love, love!

Giving this boy some extra hugs this month!
So glad he is healthy :)

Momma and baby
Just a lounging around sort of day...

She is looking around more.

Sweet eyes :)
Little Sister - all dressed up!

Little Sister

What a face!

Happy Girl!

Loving having a girl!
An evening at the park
A few minutes later,
Aunt Steph, Uncle Kyle, and Violet showed up.
That was a fun and unexpected surprise!
Just swinging around.
Even more fun to share again soon,
but Casey and I will be very busy
over the next few days and week
getting our house fixed up
for new photos and relisting!
Our new realtor/company means pretty serious business!
Prayers for our family and home, please!
and maybe my sanity, too!
<>< Stacy

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