Monday, February 18, 2013

Luv, luv, luv!

These are the loves of my life!!
Elizabeth's 2nd week in church (3 weeks old)
We all dressed in our Valentine's Day colors!
I love a little boy in a dapper hat!  Especially my 2 cute little boys!

Luv, luv, luv!

Daddy's sweet little Valentine ~ Lizzy ~ and her brothers!

Michael is not amused, but Christopher is grinning!

Loving my little girl in this heart dress!

My munchkin crew!
The TWO ladies in the house!  Daddy's Valentines  :)
 Pre-Valentine's Day Festivities

A special breakfast = heart shaped rolls + Valentines mail!

The boys were excited about all this pink, red, and hearts for breakfast!

Elizabeth sleeping late...a little burrito!
So peaceful when she sleeps!
We listed everyone we love
and wrote their names on a heart
to decorate our mantle!
The biggest hearts say God!

Your name may have been up here!!!

Love starts at the cross!

The boys had fun with these heart chains!

Can't forget to include this sweet face!

Someone was checking out baby!

2 sleepy girls!  3 if you count me!

She loves being bundled up in my arm  :)
Cute baby faces

Can't get enough of this sweetness!
Valentine's Day Goodies!

Bats and a bigger glove for Michael

I handmade these "I Love You" cards.   ;)

The boys were way more excited than they look in this picture! 

Cutest kids EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 1st Valentine's Day sweet girl!

Aunt Steph and Violet brought us special cupcakes!

2 very handsome little  BIG boys!!!!
I ended up driving the boys halfway to Spartanburg
to meet my parents who graciously offered to keep them
while we work on 1,000 projects in the house
Casey came too!
I wasn't expecting to see him on Valentine's Day,
so that was a nice surprise!
Casey had all 4 of his wisdom teeth out
4 days before Valentine's Day...
so he wasn't much for conversation  :)
In other news.....
I killed my cell phone
by accidentally dropping it in the dishwasher
right before I ran it.  :(
You can laugh.
I was actually on my bluetooth
talking to Casey as it slowly died....
That was a very, very bad evening.
The children were being extra rotten, too.
Dead.  Trying to revive it in a bowl of rice.
Michael brought me this flower
so I would always know he loves me,
"even when we're not together."

Michael's special flower for Mommy  :)

Best way to get work done when desperate!
We spent 3 hours in Lowes buying
all of our supplies to fix up the house.
Elizabeth slept the whole time!

Sleeping Angel
 Probably won't have much time for the blog for a few days...
We are frantically fixing up the house this week
as instructed by our realtor/stager!
<>< Stacy

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