Thursday, March 7, 2013


The blog has been quiet because
we have been very, very busy!
Almost everyone knows by now...
we FINALLY have a contract on our house!

After 13 months...
Finally!  Finally!  Finally!
Here is our 2013 chain of events:
1/10 House went off market
1/17 Elizabeth was born
1/25-2/1 Out of town to visit family/friends
2/9 Met with a new realtor
2/11 Met with a stager
2/12-2/25 Frantically tackled stager's projects
2/25 New photos and video made
2/28 House listed on the market
3/5 1st showing
3/5 Received an offer!
3/6 Signed a contract!
Needless to say, things have been a little busy this year!

I took pictures of the house
after all of our projects were complete
and had a huge blog post planned to share them...

but it doesn't seem important now :)
You can see some pictures HERE  and a video HERE.

 I will say this:  I have never worked so hard in my life.
We ended with a nearly all-nighter (3 hrs of sleep)
because we had a deadline in mind and it just seemed important...
we had no idea how fast the house would actually sell!
I was utterly SHOCKED
when Casey told me we had an offer.
After the 1st showing?
5 days on the market?

Things are moving so quickly now...
and we are very, very busy!
I feel SO blessed that the buyers
want to close in 6 weeks.
That gives us a bigger window to
find a house in Boiling Springs.
House shopping this weekend!


Here is a little cuteness to share...
(I have more like 600+ photos on my camera)

Brotherly love...sharing animals too....
Green eggs and milk for Dr. Seuss's birthday!
Enjoying another squishy baff!
Just chillin' with some toys.

She's so beautiful!

7 weeks old today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael insisted.....
Elizabeth is riding on a dinosaur with a giraffe on her head!

These boys love on her all the time!

We fit in some learning time, too.

Such a beautiful girl!!!!!
I am beyond excited to get my family back together!
Only 6 more weeks!

Please pray for our home inspection to be good
and for everything to go smoothly over the next few weeks.
Lots and lots of changes...
I'll try to post again soon!
<>< Stacy

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