Saturday, January 31, 2015

Elizabeth's Birthday!

Elizabeth turned 2 on January 17th!
As a lot of people know, January
has been an unusually busy month for us...
but we managed to have a fun little
Hello Kitty birthday dinner for Elizabeth.  :)

Too shy and grumpy for presents!?!
She loved her present from Christopher ~
Hello Kitty fruit snacks!
Silly smile!
Getting help from Daddy :)

Elizabeth isn't really into princess movies
as much as Cars, Narnia, Wizard of Oz,
and other big brother movies...
but she loves her some ELSA and ANNA!

She's a Hello Kitty fan, too, of course!
Hello Kitty goodies!
"All this for ME?"
She did a great job blowing out the candles!!!!!
She also enjoyed singing Happy Birthday
to herself for a few days.  :)

Such a big girl!!!
Yummy, yummy!!

Can't believe we will add one more sweet baby soon!

This sweet face............I love it!
Tucking Anna in for bed
And an all too accurate picture for Lizzy....

Busy, busy, busy!
Flying with Daddy
Pretty cute brothers, too!

Melt my heart!

Such a toothless little grin!

I just love these two crazy boys...

and they love each other!
One day, rather than napping,
Elizabeth decided to try her hand at
emptying drawers and layering
dress-up clothes with regular clothes.

Mommy was too pregnant tired to go upstairs
and play the 'get in bed now' card.
Too cute to punish??
And this is just another beautiful Sunday
after a great morning at church!
Aren't they getting SO big??
Elizabeth and Elsa inseparable again...
My sweet 2 year old baby girl  :)
Now we can pray she adapts well to
being a big sister to another baby girl!

Her sweet, innocent look :)

I still can't believe Elizabeth is 2 years old!
I am so thankful for her sweet and spunky personality.
I love to listen to her talk and reason like a 2 year old!
<>< Stacy

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Kim said...

Now I feel like I know your Lizzy. I bet she will be a great big sister. From my experience, the younger they are the more accepting they are. Braewyn (almost four years older than Juliet) had a much harder time when Juliet was born than Juliet did when Rylan was born (she's a few months more than two years older than him). And now Juliet is almost four years older than Sully and having a harder time this go round!