Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"So what?"

Why is it so easy to let things make you grumpy?
"So what" if Casey is sick and sleeping in bed from 3:00 pm until tomorrow.
"So what" if Christopher is fussing for attention I can't give him immediately.
"So what" if I have to take the kids with me to orchestra practice (nursery) so that Casey can rest.
"So what" if I have to unload 2 kids to run into Staples, then Kroger, then church all within 1 hr.
"So what" if I'm late and frazzled to orchestra.
"So what" if Michael throws a fit when it's time for him to go into his class (and I'm running late).
"So what" if I have to do housework until late in the night.
Counteract those things with :
3 year old and 1 year old hugs, kisses, and smiles
Enjoying orchestra rehearsal
A much cleaner house
Instrumental hymns with a warm cat snuggled up in your lap
And * hopefully * a well rested hubby
and you begin to realize that you only thought you were having a rough evening.
Savoring the good moments!
Stacy { <>< }

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