Thursday, June 30, 2011

Doctor time!

Today we had our regular check-ups with the new pediatrician! Michael was scared the minute I told him he was going so we talked about it a lot and took our toy "doctor kit" with us. That helped a little. The nurses were great and very helpful (they wisked one kid away so the other could get shots...). Michael was not happy AT ALL to get his finger pricked and acted extremely pitiful after that and after his 1 shot (Christopher got 3 shots!). At least the wait was like 5 minutes - 2 weeks ago when Christopher had an ear infection we waited 1+ hrs just to get in a room!

Here are the stats:

Michael (3 years)

height: 37 inches

weight: 32 lbs

cholesterol: 170 (?!?)

got some good recommendations for pediatric dentists
talks well

Christopher (1 year)
height: 29 inches
weight: 19.6 pounds (good!)
head: 17.5 inches

pleased with intake of whole milk through cup

it's no problem that he doesn't like juice (unless he gets constipated)

ear infection (etc.) is NOT cleared up - new meds - call next Wednesday if he isn't all better

brush his teeth at least twice daily (! he has 8 teeth and 4 molars are coming in)

be consistent with discipline (Dr. T was very strict!)

isolate for 1-2 mins for punishment

isolate if he tries to gag himself - although distraction is also good (! he seems SO young for this !)

put a band-aid on his thumb so he won't be able to bite it raw (like THAT will work)

give vitamins if he is picky

All in all, a 'regular' check-up! YAY! We celebrated the boys doing well by joining Daddy for lunch. Michael got to eat watermelon, peach cobbler, AND chocolate dessert for being so good! What a treat! Christopher liked the watermelon too!
We dropped by Walgreens to get Christopher new meds and also got 4 Glow Explosion sets regularly $12.99 each for $2.99 each (last day of the coupon and an awesome deal popped up!). I saw other toys regular $6.99 each clearanced out at 3 for $6.99, but I had to draw the line and I didn't get any. If anyone would like to donate money towards our collection, I will use it on awesome toys deals like this! I could just picture little girls picking out the Disney Princess dolls or little boys using the flashlight/projector on the ceiling...

Waiting for my hubby to get home so we can have a family night together!

Stacy { <>< }

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