Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Many Hats

Have you ever heard the phrase referring to "wearing a lot of hats"? Well, I have been reflecting on some of the "hats" I wear in my life and how I can better show God's love through each one.

~ Christian ~
Sister / Relative
Teacher (which has many hats of its own)
Violinist / Performer

Sometimes, I wear 1 hat while other times I wear 3 or more. Yet God uses me in each and every area. There is never a moment in life in which God is not using me for His glory. Everyday is planned by Him in a way that others can be touched and changed because of my presence.

I pray I won't interfere with God's perfect plan to use me to reach others.

I pray I can be more like Him everyday.

I love God ( ~ Christian ~)
I love my husband (Wife)
I love my children (Mother)
I love my parents (Daughter)
I love my family (Sister / Relative)
I love my friends (Friend)
I love my students (Teacher)
I love my Co-workers (Co-worker)
I love my fellow performers (Violinist / Performer)

Stay { <>< }

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