Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"I'm....gonna soak up the fun....."

This weekend, we buried  St. Joseph...upside down...by "Nana's tree".  (That's the tree Casey's mom planted just before she died.  It moved to our house when Grandma and Grandpa Kondik moved to Florida.)  From what I am told, St. Joseph should help us get our house sold.  Especially this one that came all the way to us from Florida family!

After my realtor called this morning about a 6:30 pm showing, today became a day of CLEAN, feed the kids, CLEAN, teach, CLEAN, snack for the kids, CLEAN, teach, CLEAN. 

I simmered water with vanilla and cinnamon all afternoon
so the house would smell good.
(Can't bake cookies in a broken oven!)

We were out of the house at 6:15 and headed to chick-fil-a for free kidz meal night!  I was feeling terribly guilty for shuffling the kids around all day and giving them NO attention so I tried to make up for it this evening....

1. We played at Chick-fil-a!
(Then we ate ice cream too...)

2. We skyped with Daddy!
The boys and I sang, danced and acted crazy to their "VBS Spacequest" music.
Christopher knows more words than me!!
I'm sure Daddy was entertained...

3.  We read tons of stories from our awesome children's rhyme Bible.
Michael didn't want me to put it down (again)!

 4.  Michael and I tucked Christopher in
and stayed up to build with blocks.

Uncle Kyle MADE these blocks for Michael's birthday.
Do you like our farm?

 I'd say we had a great evening to make up for a crazy day!
Of course, there is nothing sweeter than your little (big?) boy
asking you to cuddle for a few minutes and
telling you he loves you all night and all day. 

I'm so glad my life has slowed down right now so I can soak in these precious moments.

<>< Stacy

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Amanda McCusker said...

That are wonderful moments. There are always crazy times and crazy days. The boys look like they are having so much fun. They are so blessed to have a wonderful mother like you!