Monday, July 30, 2012

Wiley Olympics Kick-off!

Since Michael is old enough to understand some of the Olympic sports now, I decided to kick-off the Olympics BIG this year!  We did the 2 crafts/snacks below and watched [part] of the opening ceremonies.  So far, I am having a hard time staying awake to watch my favorites!

1.  Olympic Ring Pretzels
Our official snack during opening ceremonies. :)

I admit, I started with frozen pretzels, let them thaw a little, then cut piece off until I was able to form the rings.  We told Michael to look for the rings throughout the games!

2.  "O" is for Olympics
A snacktime project for studying the letter "O".

Christopher loved this project for the simple reason it involved a snack (Froot Loops).  Once we finally convinced him not to eat them after they touched the glue, he finished quite quickly!  We skipped halfway across the alphabet to study "O" this week so we will do other activities with "O" as well.

We're definitely having fun with the Olympics at the Wiley's house!

Christopher keeps walking past the tv asking to watch "the water"
(anything that takes place in water, really).

My favorites: Swimming, Gymnastics, and Diving.
Although, volleyball is growing on me.

If I can get my hands on the right materials,
we'll be making more Olympic Rings and a Flag soon!

<>< Stacy

Check out this site if you are interested in learning more about where I got these project ideas from.


Amanda McCusker said...

I do love the Olympics! It's so great getting the kids involved. I love the "O" project and baking with Michael. You are so creative. My favorites are pretty much the same sports as you, gymnastics, diving and swimming. Go USA!

Wiley family said...

I beg, borrow, steal all of my ideas from the internet!!