Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mixing Work and Fun

Here is the rest of our snapshots from our last week/weekend in September 2012.
(Snapshots accompany prior post: A CRAZY Wiley weekend! )
Lots of work mixed with lots of fun!
First of all, the boys enjoyed Popsicles while Casey planted plants.
They were SO excited!
They pretty much love Popsicles!
Thanks Mrs. Mary Lou!
A little bit of learning activity time!

Shapes, colors, patterning, sequencing, OH MY!
 Back to the work.
Privacy screen next steps:
1. Put down newspaper between grass and pinestraw
2. Lay pinestraw
3. Dump leaves on the other side of the fence
to prevent weeds between wood and metal fences
 Catching up on reading the news.  :)
Pinestraw down!
Casey must have made between 15 and 20 trips across our yard to dump leaves over the fence.
We were so exhausted we almost gave up!!!!
Christopher helped too...
He patted the leaves down :)

I look inaccurately happy here.
I was beyond pregnant exhausted of raking.

After nap, Michael got in on the action too.
(of course)
Here is what each side of the fence looks like...
                        Yuck, but the leaves help.                           Our side is serene :)

More Popsicles after the work.

Gourmet hot dogs and a living room picnic...
no better reason than the USC game!

Like those Gamecock colors?
They are so funny!

No, Michael doesn't eat green Tabasco sauce - I do!
And here he models a random dress-up conglomeration...
Last but not least, it's never too young to enlist
children in helping with CHORES!

 Just doin' some laundry!
That was a CRAZY, BUSY, fun and work filled weekend.
I'll blog our more relaxing trip to Spartanburg later this week :)
<>< Stacy



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