Friday, April 8, 2011

1 project down!

Today, I finished a dreadfully tedious project that all parents encounter each season.... changing out the kids' clothes! I don't know why, but this project usually takes me forever. I'm pretty sure Casey dreads the very mention of this project. Luckily, my sister kept me company yesterday while I got a head start, Casey got tons of containers down out of the attic last night, and today I finished! It sounds SO simple, but it is actually pretty tedious for the baby sizes - packing away 3-6 mo winter, 6-9 mo winter, getting out 6-9 mo summer and 12 mo summer and 18 mo summer, packing away Michael's clothes for Christopher in a year or two...* whew! * ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This time, I had another reason to dread the project. As I emptied Christopher's drawers, I found outfits he never even got to wear! I missed 33 days of dressing him because we were at the hospital! (of course, I snatched one of those peach gowns from the hospital so I can save what he DID wear - but he was naked in the PICU) . Sounds ridiculous, I know, but there are outfits I bought specifically for HIM that were not big-brother-hand-me-downs (matching hats too!). And he never wore them. A cute outfit from Casey's Great Aunt too - packed up in hopes of being brought out again in YEARS. But what if our next child is a girl? How long until these clothes come out again? So many questions to consider when packing up the baby clothes! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now, I'm starting to hope my next baby is a boy (even though EVERYONE knows I was hoping for a girl this last time). I have acquired A LOT of cute hats, cute shoes, babylegs, cute clothes, and lots of other great boy stuff with Christopher! So another boy would be a great blessing :) I can always enjoy my niece, Violet for a girl fix! :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well, until that day comes again, I'm just hopeful that we'll have a few cold days this month. I saved out a few of my favorite outfits I didn't get to dress Christopher in. :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Stacy { <>< }


Anonymous said...

Yay - another baby in the future to add to the family! Exciting!!! Hope everyone is doing well! Hugs, LaVonda

Amanda said...

You know, switching out baby clothes really is a challenge. I tend to do it little by little every season or size change. Thankfully, now that Zoey is getting into the T sizes it won't be so often. I have so many clothes packed up for baby #2. It really is an accomplishment to get that done.