Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Home Again :)

Home again :)

21 days in the hospital last time and 12 days this time. Interesting how the numbers worked out! I am SO glad to be home! My house was not even an unbearable mess this time. My neighbor did a ton of dishes and changed cat litter, my parents did a million loads of laundry, vacuumed, organized outside under the carport, and did a lot to straighten up, and Casey made the bed and straightened up so that I would be welcomed to a clutter free home instead of STRESS MESS like last time! So I am feeling MUCH better than the last time we came home...which is great considering CHRISTOPHER is feeling MUCH better too! I can hardly keep up with him! It's like nothing ever happened! I finally feel like he is getting better.

I will be home the rest of this week on Spring Break. Christopher has an appointment with our new pediatrician on Thursday. He will also be getting speech therapy this week to help with his eating aversions. It will be SO nice to have a support person this time who understands what we are going through. It takes a lot of patience, perseverance, and TIME to get him to eat! Luckily, they will come to our house. If he continues therapy next week, they will even go to the daycare. What a relief! His post-op follow-up is next Thursday. Believe it or not, I am expecting good results this time! Our daily goal for eating is 32 ounces of formula/nectar mix and a few bowls of cereal/bananas/etc. He eats in small amounts so we have to feed him almost every 2 hrs! Also, he gets meds for thrush 4 times a day, topical treatment for yeasty diaper rash 4 times a day, and some powdery stuff to help with his diahrea twice a day. Lots to keep up with.

The kids and I played outside and went on a long walk this evening. We missed Casey, but he had to work. I even managed to pull together a decently well-rounded meal for the kids (I never cook)! Michael continues to be the cutest and best brother ever. He is very helpful and sweet to his brother. In fact, he just carried some toys in here and said, "look what I got for Christopher" ~ I didn't even ask him to distract Christopher this time! We plan on sending Michael to school most of this week so that he stays in a regular routine and I can get more stuff done. I might just go to the zoo with the kids on Friday though :)

Well, once again, more to say than I should fit in one post. Things are going fairly well here at the Wiley house :) Home again...and loving it.

Stacy { <>< }

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Amanda said...

It is so good to hear you are getting back to normality. And it is especially good to hear Christopher really getting better this time! It's amazing how much you can tell how a child feels by their mood.

You have been so strong through all of this! I'm glad you have such good people around you. Now that I'm a mother, the one thing I have a hard time dealing with is sick kids. I guess the Lord walks you through when you need his strength the most.

I hope you have good days and weeks ahead of you. I am praying for you and your family. God Bless.