Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Special Moments

Special moments are all the more sweeter now ~ one week at home! :) Michael moved his pillow to the foot of his bed and cuddled up with the cat! He loves it when she joins him in bed...and I think she loves it too! Note the stuffed animal doggie too...

Christopher snoozing and sucking his thumb :) SO sweet :) He got used to hearing channel 10 in the hospital (nature scenes and calming music) because it would help him get back to sleep after being woken up. When we came home, I substituted Baby Einstein videos for naptime and he loved them!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well, I hate to leave out the rest of the pictured moments, but I can't get any pictures to upload for the last 3 days! Any suggestions? In the meantime, our special moments included these: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My last day of Spring Break I met Casey out for lunch - Christopher ate corn casserole at the restaurant! We're slowly getting him back into various foods other than just bananas and cereal. Of course, we're just happy to see him eating and gaining weight! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The boys and I had a great time home together in which they were modeling their awesome hats that my cousin Rebekah Ricker made. I wish you could see the picture! (Hop on over to facebook) She rocks at making hats and was so sweet to send me 2 (matching!) hats before all of our hospital mess. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We finally got to go back to church last Sunday and it felt GREAT! For some reason I still feel all emotional sometimes. Especially when I am playing in the orchestra and the music is very dramatic or impacting. Or if the words are touching. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Casey has been using his new bike! We went out for a walk one night and it was awesome! Michael took a bucket along to pick up rocks. We stayed on Mosshill in case he needed to go potty. :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Michael had an Easter Egg homework project in which I dipped yarn in glue and made patterns with it within the egg (very messy!). Michael insisted that you're not supposed to put your fingers in glue. He refused to even try it! So who did the homework, mommy of course. At least I had good company! What kind of kid doesn't wanna stick their fingers in GLUE? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Christopher enjoyed a bath for the first time this week! Up until now, he has HATED them. This time, he splashed and had a blast. Michael had a good time too. He poured water on Christopher's head before I could say NO, but Christopher didn't even cry. That's my boy! He's been through worse I guess :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This week was spirit week at the daycare. You'll have to check out the pictures on facebook. It is strangely fun to dress the kids up everyday. And even more fun to take pictures! We are lucky to have a fun daycare that works hard to keep the kids learning and having fun at the same time. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am swamped at work and at home, but if anything, I have learned how to prioritize everything. I can end a day with mounds of junk around my bed, but I can't end the day without cuddling with my family. We are taking baby steps towards catching up in the house. It will take a long time! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Well, that's the very short version of a very long post I started on Sunday that simply wouldn't work due to pictures not uploading. ALL of these pictures can be found on facebook soon. Based on our week, it's hard to believe we went through 33 days at the hospital and 4 additional sick weeks this year. I'm sure we're stronger for it and will be able to use this to minister to others in our lives. Stacy { <>< }

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Amanda said...

The boys are beautiful! I'm glad you guys are getting back some normalcy. It took me a week to get the house looking semi-presentable after being out of it for two weeks, so good luck with that. But, it like all the other things we think are so important are nothing compared to family time. You guys are still in my prayers! God bless!