Saturday, April 9, 2011


We had a blast at church today! Michael got to do the Easter egg hunt and the bounce houses. Oddly enough, he dislikes tattoos, stickers, ice in snow cones, and face painting so that killed the other activities. He was even kind of afraid of the bunnies which surprised me since he has one at school and held one in our recent photo shoot. Mind you, the ones at church were HUGE! I'm not even sure I knew they could get that big.


What I really wanted to say about church is ~ we get to go to church tomorrow! YAY! We have had SO many weekends in the hospital this year, but every Sunday we are home, we go to church. Tomorrow is the only Sunday Christopher won't be going to nursery so Casey will have to sit out and hold him while I play in the orchestra, but it's worth it. We love the people. I love the orchestra. We love being back in God's house. I love being surrounded by the people that cared so much for us while we were going through our recent trials. Sundays aren't complete without church! I'm so glad we can go again tomorrow. Here's a picture from one of the Sundays 'between' surgeries. I love my boys!

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Stephanie said...

I like this pic of the boys :)