Friday, May 6, 2011

Back in the swing of things!

Finally! This week felt like a "normal" week in the Wiley house. I had time to call family, time to chat with friends, time to focus on day-to-day details that got brushed aside for 3 months, and time to snuggle with my kids. Casey and I sorted and packed up 4500 Box Tops to send off for Conder. I made the boys' birthday invitation! I enjoyed inspiring my students through the musical brothers "Nuttin but Stringz". Casey and I took the kids on a fantastic and fun walk on a cool-ish evening. I was able to pull together a small gift for the kids' 5 teachers (Teacher appreciation week). I bought and mailed Mothers' Day cards to the special moms in my family. I went out to dinner with both kids on a work night and survived (okay, I met my sister and her hubby and baby so I wasn't completely alone). I proposed a change that will hopefully (and prayerfully) improve my job next year. I had daily conversations with co-workers and friends in which I was actually able to focus on the conversation instead of my mind racing in 1000 directions. I was touched by a great performance of some of my 1st year strings students at the Mother-Daughter Tea. I bought plates and napkins for the kids' birthday party. I printed coupons and we got groceries for the first time in weeks!!!!!!!!! I took pictures and videos of the kids.

It felt so good to do normal things again. It felt good to be happy. It felt good to know God is in control of my life through the struggles and back into the happy days again.

God is an awesome God!

Stacy { <>< }

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Amanda said...

That sounds wonderful! I'm so glad you are finding "normal" again. It is amazing how much we take those seemingly insignificant tasks for granted. Happy Mother's Day to you!