Monday, May 30, 2011

Wild Child

It's official! Christopher is our wild child! From 6 weeks old his life has been plagued with a car wreck - totaled van, 33 days in the hospital, throwing up for months straight, putting everything in his mouth (normal, I know, but Michael never did it and we are particularly weird about him choking or throwing up after what we've been through), and trouble always seems to follow close behind him! Saturday, we nearly got hit by a car at CiCi's pizza. We were walking in and someone decided to reverse quickly without checking their mirrors I guess... Casey yelled and they ended up stopping so close to us that he smacked their car out of anger. They just put it in 'drive' and drove off - after nearly hitting a family of 4. I looked at Christopher and told him "no more funny stuff". So it's kind of a running joke that trouble follows him around. Luckily, there is tons of sweet, precious, and cute moments to make up for it :) His curly hair of 'yet-to-be-determined' color is adorable. The way he sucks his thumb and grabs his lovey anytime he gets near a pillow is adorable. He loves to play with his big brother (and big brother helps take great care of him). The two of them keep us well entertained! I'm enjoying every minute!

In other news, we had some good luck this weekend buying clearance clothes for the boys next winter. Babies-r-us has already reduced clearance clothes buy-one-get-one-free this weekend! (and shoes too!). I got the boys matching shoes for $5 each, matching button down shirts for $5 each, matching polos for $3 each, toddler boy underwear 3 packs for $3, a tan suit coat for Michael for $6, 4 pack of carters white long-sleeved onesies for $4, winter boots for $2, another pair of shoes for $4....... and I even left more stuff behind that I wanted to get! You know I love it when things are matchy-matchy (like the shirts in the picture above). We also got some clearance diaper bags less $10 off coupons so $5 for one and $3 for one. I also got some matching CHAPS shirts for the boys at Kohls. Who knows exactly how much they were after 15% off, $5 off and $10 kohls cash, but I am thinking they were about $4 each. Great shirts for next Winter/Spring! Let's hope the sizing is right! I love a good deal!

At the Christian bookstore -- I also purchases the cd "Strings of Worship" which is a string quartet cd of hymns and another "Fiddle Levity" which I haven't heard yet, but it is also from the Christian bookstore. And the movie 10 Commandments. All were $5 each! Casey and I also got Othello ($5) and Pictionary ($6) on mega clearance at KMart. So we had a great weekend clearance shopping and treating ourselves to some games :)

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Stacy { <>< }


Amanda said...

That sounds like a fun weekend! I love shopping sales and clearence. I just have to remember that even though it's on sale, it still adds up fast, lol. Hope you all have a great weekend. And you will probably have to keep reminding Christopher about no more funny stuff.

Brittany said...

chose you for the Sunshine Award, stop by my site and pick it up!! :)