Thursday, June 9, 2011

Busy days!

Last Saturday was my last day of the school year!

Last Sunday we had the boys' joint birthday party for family in friends in Spartanburg. Christopher had an Elmo theme because I wanted him to have something that we didn't already have around the house from Michael. We literally had NO Elmo stuff! I let Michael choose his theme and he chose Hot Wheels. So the table was decorated half and half. I was very happy! We had so many family and friends come! I felt so loved (even though it was all for the boys). My mom did a great job helping me plan out the cakes too :) ~ I can't post pictures because I left my camera cord in Spartanburg! ~ Of course, the party wasn't without any issues...Casey accidentally dropped Christopher a short distance onto the floor. There was much crying and consoling. After a full tummy, he was feeling much better and on to eating a cupcake! Funny thing is, he didn't really EAT it! He just finger painted on the tray! I guess he doesn't have much of a sweet tooth yet...

This week has been filled with teaching, errands, housework, and a million other things that got "pushed aside" in the busy days at the end of the school year. Luckily, I have taken a little bit of time to relax too. Now, I am packing the kids to stay at Grandma's house so Casey and I can go on a little vacation of our own! Saturday is our 6 year wedding anniversary and we will be flying out to enjoy some time in Wyoming! I'll try to post some awesome pictures next week! We'll be back home on Thursday.

I'm livin' and lovin' every moment of time with my family!

Stacy { <>< }

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Amanda said...

First of all, congrats on 6 wonderful years together! You so deserve a vacation. I bet the boys loved their party. I know you were glad you could share it will all of your friends and family. Hopefully this will be a fun summer for you all, some relaxing and general fun time is definitely in order.