Friday, June 24, 2011

Fun update!

1) I am SO excited because we get to go swimming with friends tonight! We don't get together with friends enough and we don't swim enough so this is sure to be a fun time!

2) My closet started attacking me so I decided to tackle the dreaded project of taking out all of my bags and re-organizing them. NO, these were not all purses! In fact, it was mostly tote-like bags we have acquired. Never-the-less, Casey will be SHOCKED to see how neat the top of my closet is when he gets home tonight. (and I only got rid of 1 bag!!!)

3) I am finally working on our coupon binder! I am guessing that we will either 1. find it MUCH easier to save money or 2. save a whole lot MORE money. For those of you who are not familiar, a coupon binder is a massive and organized binder with baseball card holders to store your coupons in by category. When you go shopping, you can easily find coupons to match with clearance finds or awesome sales. Usually, we gather up coupons from a massive coupon mess-pile. We saved a lot of money doing THAT so I am pretty sure this will be even MORE helpful in saving us money! It is so nice to enjoy things you might not otherwise treat yourself to when couponing makes them free or next to free!!!!!!!! I will try to post pictures when the binder is complete...... It will take me hours to initally clip coupons and load it up! (on a random note, I held on to these "wacky mac" coupons for MANY MONTHS and even had the ones my mom and Grandma gave me and they FINALLY went on sale at Publix so we got them for 19 cents a bag. just a little more proof that you should hang onto those coupons as long as it takes!)

4) Speaking of coupons, I just used $1 off any Color Wonder product to score Clearance Disney Princess Color Wonder sets for $3 each (typically $7.50-9.99). I had coupons from my family as well, so I got 4 and will be adding them to our toy donation for Happy Wheels at the Palmetto Children's Hospital. We found a lot of toy clearance after Easter (75% off at Walmart) and stocked up to donate. It was such a joy to see the Happy Wheels cart every Moday even though Christopher had no clue what was going on. They collect donated toys and books and give one to each patient every Monday. The toys are all NEW and CLEAN. Happy Wheels is a bright spot in many tough situations. If you want to contribute to our donation, let me know! I can collect toys or use cash to find more great bargain buys! Most of our toys were $0.60 to $3 due to awesome clearance! It is deifinitely a worthy cause and it makes me happy to know that each toy will make 1 child happy.

Also, Michael will be going to the hospital with me to make the donation. We are teaching him the importance of giving to others :)

5) Speaking of coupons again, I just spent $1.02 at Publix on 3 boxes of Tylenol Precise heating pads (saved $24.00). That's why I love matching Publix sales with manufactuer copons!!!!! Those heating pads will come in handy for my shoulder muscles come crazy school/concert/gig season!

6) Life is so good!

Stacy { <>< }


Amanda said...

That is awesome! I love couponing. I have been slacking lately probably because money is tight and I can't stock as much, which of course is why I coupon to begin with to save money, it's such a vicious cycle. But you have inspired me again! Christopher looks so cute on the couch with all the toys!

Wiley family said...

I did have ot stop myself form buying something today... it woul dhave been an AWESOME deal, but something I totally didn't need. That is when you know you are out of control!!!!!!!! :) Couponing is SO worth it though. -- good luck!