Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yay for table food!

When Michael was 1, he ate "table food" happily! Christopher gags himself so much I am SCARED of "table food". Well last night at a restaurant, he didn't like the baby food so he ate our food instead: Japanese rice and cooked zuchini. And no gagging it up (even though he tried to)! Yay! He's also doing just fine on cow's milk AND his new 'cups' that we got. They are very similar to his old bottles but the nipple is shaped like a cup spout instead. I hope these are steps in the right direction!

I just realized I haven't taken a picture since at least last Saturday. I can't remember the last picture I took! yikes! I better get my camera out and remedy this situation!

Tomorrow is my first 'real' day of summer break! Nothing on the schedule and nothing to worry about! Just housework and kids. Summer love! :)

{ <>< } Stacy

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