Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Michael can certainly keep us laughing ~ his personality is blooming so much! He has been a sweet little boy lately (most of the time). I just HAD to share this funny story with you. My mom told me that this conversation happened at her house while we were on vacation, but it happened again last night while we were all leaving Publix.

Casey responded to something Michael said by saying, "No way, Jose!"

Michael shouted, "I'm not Jose! Don't call me that! My name is Michael!!"

Again later, "You can't call me that, my name isn't Jose, it's Michael!"

The funniest part of all is how vehemently he wanted us to know that his name was MICHAEL, not JOSE. It was pretty hilarious. I'm pretty sure we will toss out a "No way, Jose" every now and then just to get a little giggle.

Stacy { <>< }

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Amanda said...

That is so cute! You know I don't even know where that saying came from. But I would use it too, just because Michael is so cute! I love the new picture on the side too. Christopher is so cute pointing to his nose!