Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Always something

Seriously. We're about to embark on a family vacation and the van requires $700 worth of repairs. We have been so positive with medical bills and more this year, but our bank account hurts! I hate the guilty feeling I will now have every time I spend money. I can't even feel good about going on a nice date before school starts back up. I certainly am not worried we won't make it. God is awesome and has always met our needs. It just saddens me to know that Casey and I will be working double time when school starts in order to build our savings back up. And it hurts. It's time to tighten the belt again. (Hopefully no more vehicle repairs! We're up to like $1000+ this year!)

Having a frustrated moment.

Stacy { <>< }

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Amanda said...

The vehicle bills SUCK! I know it feels like that for us. Every time we start to get ahead something comes up and we are living pretty much pay check to pay check again. But God DOES ALWAYS provide for us and I am truly thankful to everything that we do have and especially for my family. I know you feel the same!