Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vacation time!

Thursday we leave for FLORIDA! We will be visiting family, hitting up the beach, and hopefully going to the movies. We haven't been able to travel to Florida since summer 2009 and we're definitely looking forward to it. Once we get back (next Monday), we will have my birthday weekend and then... basically back-to-school! I can't believe it's almost time. I've definitely stayed busy (and productive) this summer! :)

In other news, Christopher has had a good week of eating! I took him back to the doctor for the 5th time for his ear infection (yes, it is returning), and he had gained 1.4 pounds in 10 days! I was shocked! I'm praying this becomes a normal eating pattern :) We've discovered that he loves CiCi's Pizza table foods more than any other place (including home). He eats noodles, chicken, and pizza crust and loves it!

It's almost 75% off toy clearance time so I will probably be stocking the Christmas/Birthday stash and the pantry over the last few weeks of summer break. All the stores are clearing out for Fall/Winter and *cough*cough* Christmas stuff!

I'm looking forward to trying out a new schedule at work this year and am hoping it will be less exhausting/mentally draining. Wish me luck on getting the details worked out!

Stacy { <>< }

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